Friday, March 17, 2017


ON YOUR WAY TO A WORLD OF EXPLOITS. Dr. David Oyedepo @ Friday Faculty Fellowship Covenant University. Asking questions would always put you back on the right road, if you are humble enough to ask. What will last you a life time takes time to learn. No one learns in a week what would last him for a life time. The world is always on the move. But as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Joshua 1:8 The dictates of this manual has capacity to make a success Deut 28:1 The book of life has capacity to open up any mans destiny. Exploits is striking or notable deeds; feats; spirited or heroic acts: Bold and daring feat. An act or deed, especially a brilliant or heroic one. This is possible with people using brain power. Nothing is impossible until you dub it so. Exploits implies: Setting the pace Blazing the trail Out of the world order of impact Generating global relevance Accomplishing what eyes have not seen, ears heard nor entered into the heart of men. Luke 5:26 Matt 8:27 You must think exploits to experience it. Here are four things to mind to make exploits: SELF MANAGEMENT. This is setting order over ones life. Set goals and driving at them. Being able to separate between the lawful and the expedient. Making quality decision and standing by it. Being a law to oneself. Efficient self management is what determines ones ultimate accomplishment. Leadership in any field begins with leading oneself efficiently. Nothing will order itself. Self discipline is a vital key to actualizing the leadership potential in us. Self discipline is what empowers the star in us to shine forth. Nothing crude enhances destiny. Any unprocessed potential is a wasted potential. Every potential has to be trained. There is no star without a scare. And the scare of every star is sacrifice. Doing what others won't do, and going the extra mile. There is nothing extraordinary on its own, it is mans extraordinary input that makes it so. Thee is not nothing mystical about excellence or exploits, it is a product of ones tireless comment to improvement. Phil 3:10-14 We need to give ourselves high standards. TIME MANAGEMENT We dont really have a time problem, all we have is time management problem. Do you love life, then don't squander time, invest it, because that is the stuff life is made off. Benjamin frankline I wasted time, now time doth waste me. Shakespear Give me my youth back and u will pay any price for it. Nnamdi Azikiwe We live in a world of unlimited opportunities Ecc5:9 The profit of the earth is for all. Everyone must rise to take up his destiny in his hands. The Bill Gates Story. He always try to stay away from watching TV There is nothing extraordinary on it own; it is man's extraordinary discipline that makes it so. Access to the top is open and free, but everyone has to make his way there. People who own planes desire to buy time. Time is precious to them. TASK MANAGEMENT A business can be said to be efficient trading of time, talents, skills and energy for the purpose of profit making. Only those who stag focused on their task end up a frontliner. You cannot get from any task more than what you put into it. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. No one keeps sponsoring a waster. Nigerians collectively spent about 449.7bn a month on recharge cards - (report by Anne Agbaje, May 23, 2014) You can't be your best living under tension. Learn to live within the limit of your budget. Poor management is one major reason behind the poverty of the world. Poor resources management in most cases is our number one problem as individuals, families, companies, and even churches. CONCLUSION While you live, what is the worth of the life you have lived. CCYIGLOBAL inspiring minds ....igniting spirits

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