Sunday, March 19, 2017

What wisdom is this part 3


Bishop David Oyedepo

Faith never struggles.

This is a year of making news without making noise.

But obedience is the covenant platform for commanding noiseless breakthroughs. 2 kings 5:1:14

Simple obedience is the platform for noiseless breakthroughs. John 9:7

He obeyed, went, washed and came back seeing. 1 Samuel 15:22

Obedience is better than sacrifice. Amos 6:1

if you are not hard on yourself today, life would be rough on you tomorrow.

Every act of obedience,changes your level. Obedience may be costly, but the end result is priceless. Isaiah 1:18 - 19

Willingness and obedience is what qualifies you to eat the good of the land. Ecc 5:9

The profit if the earth is for all. IsaIah 43:26

Reasoning is one the platform for eating the good of the land. It is time to settle down and reason with God through scriptures.

Every child of God is too loaded to become a failure. Every commandment of scriptures is for our profiting.

Exodus 3:14 God is forever I Am. Nothing you do affects God. Hqggai 2:8,

What is reasoning?

This is the act of logical and analytical thinking.

Proverbs 14:28, 1 samuel 2:30

When God honours you, anyone that dishonours pays for it. Numbers 12:1-19

Obedience today, determines your placement tomorrow. There is need for willful obedience to make a mark. Psalm 12:6

Every scripture is pure word. There is no need for further processing. Every commandment you obey, secures divine presence.

Reasoning is thinking through scriptures to find a way out of our challenges. Luke 15:1-18

The prodigal son reasoned his way back to dignity. Reasoning is not freelance thinking.

It I'd aligning your thoughts with scriptures. Genesis 41:16-40

Josephs ultimate prescription. Have a clear subject with which you reason.

A lifestyle of meekness enhances your access to light. 2 kings 3:13

God only gives access to light for the humble. James 4:6

Understanding your rights to fruitfulness.

Every statement of scriptures has something in stall for you. 1 Samuel 1:11

God demands that you be specific in your request. Genesis 1:26-28 Whatever God says, he creates. Malachi 3:6

"By the decree of heaven, you are a fruitful vine."

To become fruitful; 1. Be born again Gal 3:29, Deut 7:14

Become a seed of Abraham. There is no biological reason to be unfruitful with God. What God says, is created.

2. Embrace Kingdom stewardship. Psalm 127:3, Exodus 23:25-26

Serving God entities us to fruitfulness. You can stop the hand of the wicked by your service.

3. Be joyful in the lord. 1 Samuel 1:18, Phil 4:4, Joel 1:12

Be joyful if you must be fruitful. Gal 5:22

The more joyful a believer, the more fruitful your life become.

When you are truly saved, joy is the practical expression. Keep yourself away from joy break beakers. Watch how you manage your telephone.

Do not pick numbers you are not familiar with. Psalm 128:3

Every child of God is redeemed a fruitful vine. The holy ghost empowers every child for fruitfulness.

Luke 1:35 The holy ghost always does a strange work in our lives, culminating in fruitfulness.

Jeremiah 1:5, psalm 100:3, psalm 139:14

God of father is the baby maker, we cannot be a baby beggar. Going helter skelter in search for babies comes to an end today.

What is the mystery back of the anointing oil? The mystery of the anointing oil is packaged for our breakthroughs.

What flows through the oil?

1 samuel 13:16, Isaiah 10:27, Isaiah 59:19 1. The Spirit of the lord is in the lord.

2. The yoke breaking power is in the anointing oil.

3. The healing power of God flows through the oil. Mark 6:5-13

4. The breakthrough power of God flows through the oil. Isaiah 45:1-3 The Spirit of the lord is the breakthrough spirit of God.

5. The protection power of God flows through the oil. Psalm 103:13-15

As the oil comes on you, all your desires would be released supernaturally.

You are blessed.

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