Thursday, March 16, 2017


Understanding the master key to a world of exploits. Dr. David Oyedepo What is exploits? Whatever you cannot describe, yoi cannot define. Exploits is striking, notable deeds, spirited or heroic acts, accomplishment outside the box, brilliant of heroic act etc. This implies setting the pace and blazing the trail in once field of endeavour. It implies breaking new grounds, generating global relevance in ones pursuit. It is accomplishing great feats which eyes have not seen nor eyes heard. Matt 11:11 Every child of God carry potential far beyond what the prophet of old carried. Matt 12:42 we carry a great than Solomon order of intellectual capacity. John 14:12 There is no limit to the accomplishment we have capacity to deliver. Every child of God is redeemed to command unphantomable exploits. Ones accomplishment in life is rooted in words, certain information made available to some individuals. To become a sports star, there is need for determination, discipline, devotion and sacrifice. Every man's ultimate worth is traceable to the quality of words made available to them. But a great coach never makes a star, it is the commitment of the athletes engagement to the terms spelt out. You can never ignore a star. You can be coached, but you have to do the work. Same information can come to everyone, but it is only those who receives the information smells accomplishment. What you do with what God says today, woukd determine where your your life is heading. L Psalm 12:6 Every word of the Bible is valid for all ages. Psalm 139:14 We are fearfully and wonderfully created. But we need the manual of life to maximize it. Joshua 1:8 Deut 28:1 The bible manual has capacity to turn any dummy to a global phenomenon is he would carefully engage with its terms and conditions. John 1:5 The words of the bible are the words of the master coach of life. It would deliver any day and under any circumstance. John 10:10b John 5:7 Every child if God is overloaded for exploits. There is need for serious engagement of what God declares. John 21:5-6 Only Jesus knows the right side. 2 timothy 3:15-16 The bible is 75% instructions. Only Jesus knows what lies ahead, so it is wisdom to subscribe what what the word says. They that walk, walk with many, they that run, run with a few, but they that fly, fly alone. High flyers are not corporate people, they are people who take up personal responsibility, to get to where they are going. Nothing that God shows, has the capacity to fail. It always delivers. We walk by common sense, we run by principles, but we run by instruction. Whatever God makes out of a man is always parmanent. Whatever God does is forever. If under a guidance you misbehave, when left on your own, you might head for a crash. Psalm 45:3-5 Walking in the word is walking into the realms of exploits. To access the secret of God that make stars 1. Embrace the fear of God as a life style. Psalm 25:14 God shows things to people who fear him. The fear of God would make a peasant a father to a king. Genesis 42:18 Ecc 12:13 The conclusion of the matter is to embrace the fear of God as a lifestyle. 2 Timothy 2:19-21 You do not have a foundation without the fear of God. The sure foundation to have a great future is to depart from evil. Job 29:4 - 6 He became great with access to divine secrets. 1 thesis 2:10 the fear of God was at the root of Paul's greatness in ministry. 2. Walk in the love of God. It takes walking in the love of God to access the secrets in the holy book. John 15:15 love gives you unlimited access to divine secrets. Your love for God makes you original. 1 Samuel 13:14, Acts 2:10 With the love of God, you live ahead of your generation. 1 kings 4:29, 1 kings 3:3 you access great depth by having a heart for God. You need to position yourself in the word via the love of God burning in your heart. Proverbs 4:13 instruction is the highway to distinction, any day and anytime. There is nothing mystical about excellence, it is a direct product of flowing with instructions. You have capacity for global impact, do not sell off for a life of mediocrity. Achievement is not transferable, it is a product of taking personal responsibility. It is time to live for impact. There is nothing extraordinary on its own, it is mans extraordinary input that makes it so. Lamentations 3:27 it is good for a man to bear his yoke while he is young. If you are not though on yourself today, life would be rough on you tomorrow. You cannot get out of life, more than what you willing to put into it. Revelation 5:10 We are designed to reign here on the earth, with an examplary behaviour. You do not need anybody's vote to make it in the race of life. All you need is your own vote. We need to trade responsibilities. Access to a million fast, is not equal to one right decision. "May the lord disconnect you from everyone not going forward." Evil association corrupts good manners. 1 Corinthians 15:33 Anyone you call your friend, you are a reflection of him/her. Hope you have been inspired? CCYIGLOBAL inspiring minds ...igniting spirits

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