Sunday, February 19, 2017

Principles of Divine Leading

Service at Access Chapel Pastor Kenny Adeleye


The life of a man without the voice of God would remain void. Everything a man possess is as given to him by God. Outside of God, you cannot be made. If God is not involved in your affairs, nothing you do would evolve. John 15:5-15

 God is the source of all forms of fruitfulness. The totality of your existence is hinged on his involvement. Direction has to do with paths, steps or the way you go.

God leads in the way of righteousness. Proverbs 3:5-6 Psalm 25:3 The direction of the righteous is level. Isaiah 26:7

The direction of the righteous is uprightness. Psalm 17:6

You cannot fall in the path of righteousness. Who does God lead? 2 Timothy 3:16

The ability in scriptures has capacity for profit.

God speaks at various levels. Psalm 100:3

One voice of God reaches all men at varying dimensions.

 Who qualifies to hear God when he speaks?

We hear differently because of the state of our heart. You need to allow God to always have his way in your life.

It is not just in what you hear, but the convictions of your heart. When you are hooked to God, there comes a time where he allows for divine interruptions.

Who will God lead? Psalm 25:9. God is committed to leading the meek. You need wisdom to make decision.

Without God, you cannot make the correct decison. It meekness to be led of God. The reason why many do not involve God is because they do not see God has capable to counsel them. So they shut God out. If you are not meek enough to be led, you cannot milk the good of the land.

Milk is only accessible to the meek. A meek man would always ask for what to do. Exodus 13:15-18 Exodus 7:1, 12:1 James 4:6 The only way to retain greatness is through meekness.

2. God resist the proud.

Resist the devil God resist the proud. The proud is a devil.

 When you are proud, you can't pick his voice or be directed. Proverbs 3:34

You lose credibility, dignity and have no place in divinity when you embrace pride.

Your life cannot change with arrogance.

Humility is not in what you do, but in who you are.

You cannot act pride, it is a spirit that naturally controls you.

You cannot fake it. You cannot cover up your attitude. Attitude is not of the face but of the heart. Pride creates a gully between a man and his greatness.

Pride in itself is injurious. All it takes to be great is humility. Where humility stops is where the potential for greatness stops.

 3. Job 3:24 God does not teach one who cannot be silent.

This is because God speaks with a still small voice. Many know how to pray, but do not know how to listen. Being quiet is a virtue.

Avoid being too busy and not been productive. You need queitness to be alert in spirit. Learn to be quiet. This is having a feed back. Embrace meditation.

Be committed to reading and thinking about the word.

Your silence is what amplifies the still small voice of God. Glory to God

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