Monday, February 20, 2017


The Seven Priorities of a Glorified life. 

 1. ASSIGNMENT Assignment is the discovery of the problems you have been created to solve. Your assignment is your distinction. Your assignment is not to everybody. You are either sent to a specific geographical location, a people or a person. Your assignment is the reason for your existence, significance and relevance. 

2. DREAMS This is the picture of what you strongly desire. It is the picture of the future you desire. Dreams are primarily rewards for solving problems. They are pointers to a desired future. They are proofs that there is a future ahead of you. They are constant pictures that reminds you that there is hope. 

3. THE HOLY SPIRIT The holy spirit is the source of your life. The holy spirit is the driving force of creativity. The holy spirit is not smoke, earth quake, fire, wind or a dove. The Holy Spirit is a person, with feelings but carrying the 100% nature of God. He is the redeemers companion. He empowers us for the full delivery of whatever has been said concerning us. He is a non negotiable requirement if we must see prophesies fulfilled in our lives. 

 4. PROSPERITY This is the provision for your assignment. Propseriy is God supplying you more than enough to execute his assignment for your life. Prosperity is sufficient covenant provision to complete your God given assignment. Prosperity is God's way of proving his covenant of life with men. 

When you focus on your future, yesterdays people would vanish from your life. You cannot succeed alone. Four people are always present in everyone's assignment. 
a. Friends - people who accept you the way you are. 
b. Teachers - people who impart you with knowledge. 
 c. Mentors - prophesies of your future. They love you too much to leave you the way you are. They are change enforcers. 
 d. Enemies - these are people who dwell on your weakness and past. The expose you weakness, helping you to deal with them, and become a better person. With the right attitude, your enemies can be your character correction mechanism. Relationship is all about reaching out to someone. Until you reach out to someone, you do not yet have a life. 

Giving is the proof that you have overcome greed. Life is empty when it is void of giving. Selfishness sniffs away life. Seed faith is anything you cab do for another that moves them closer to their dreams. It is what you do for people, in a bid to provoke the release of their future. Seed faith is devotion to serving the will of God on the earth. 

Wisdom is the law of God you apply. Your mind has to be renewed and your body has to be subdued to actualize destiny. Wisdom is walking in the ways of God. 
Wisdom is working by the will of God. Wisdom is winning by the word of God. When the purpose of life is not known, the priorities of life
are misplaced. 
For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense, but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it. 
Ecc 7:12 
Have a wordspired week. Glory to God. 

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