Sunday, February 19, 2017


#Sundayserviceatwinnerschapel Covenant Day of Open Doors ENGAGING THE POWER OF REVELATION FOR OUR EXEMPTION. By Dr. David Oyedepo You need to be a light bearer to enjoy the covenant of exemption. Psalm 119:130 John 1:5 Luke 10:42 The word of God is that one thing that is needful. Hebrews 1:3 Everything is upheld by the power of God. Deut 28:1 Joshua 1:8 Revelation is key to our exemption. Isaiah 60:1-3 In the midst of gross darkness, you command the attention of kings. 1 Timothy 4:15 COMMANDING OPEN DOORS BY REVELATION. Darkness can never shut the door against revelation. There is the enlightenment level and illumination level of light. Luke 4:34 There is need to change level in the school of light. We need to move from enlightenment to illumination. It takes illumination to use the word "Never". I.e. " I can never be poor" John 14:26 1 Corinthians 2:10-13 We however need the help of the holy spirit. Isaiah 26:9 Jeremiah 29:13 Our intellect is too small to find God. We need a robust spirit to connect and engage the spirit of God. Revelation empowers our escape from the things that molest the lives of others. 2 Peter 1:4 We escape from the horrors of life via revelation. Hebrews 2:3 Our escape is in engaging the words that proceed from the mouth of the lord. Walking in the light guarantees exemption. What then must I do to command open doors in life? Any faith that makes God absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life, is an irresponsible faith. John 22:22-23 It is wisdom to obey with excitement. You must always search for what you must do to qualify for the promise of God. What then must I do for open doors? 1. Be born again. 1 John 5:4 Rev 3:20 When you are born again, the light of the world becomes resident on your inside. John 8:12 John 4:4 Luke 22:53 The stronghold of the devil is darkness and the only way to break it is to engage the light. 2. Engage the power of revelation. Proverbs 21:16 Isaiah 5:13 To lack spiritual understanding is to abide in the congregation of the dead. Psalm 45:1-5 Nothing decorates destiny like revelation. John 1:5, Isaiah 60:1-3 You don't have problem with darkness, your challenge is a product of the absence of light. 3. Engage a quality covenant walk with God. Psalm 89:34 Note that you have a part to play. For instance, if you do not play your part you will watch your home go into disarray. To keep the door open, commit yourself to a quality covenant walk with God. Jeremiah 33:20-22 God's covenant with the redeemed is unbreakable as the covenant of day and night. 4. Be guided by the holy Spirit. You cannot be grounded, been guided by the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 48:21, Isaiah 58:11, Proverbs 14:12 When God leads, he goes before the led, He also goes with the led, He also walks with, and also walk for. No door can be shut against the the God led. 5. Commit to kingdom stewardship as a life style. Malachi 3:18, 4:1-2 Job 36:11 6. Walk by faith. Mark 9:23 Hebrews 11:32 - 34 Daniel 6:23 No door can be shut against God. Mark 10:27 Faith is bringing God yo bear in your situation. No door can be shut against a believer operating bible based faith. 7. Engage the anointing of the holy Spirit to keep the door open. Isaiah 45:1-3, Revelation 3:7 When God opens a door, no devil cab shut it. The anointing destroys closed gates. The anointing cannot be stopped. Acts 4:20, Acts 5:28, Acts 6:7 Luke 4:14, 37 "After this anointing, your name would be announced in the kings palace." "There shall be open doors for you this week" "After this anointing, you would be sent for, from strange places" 1 Samuel 18:2-7 "After this anointing, they would set you over things you might not be qualified for." Psalm 89:24-24 "The enemy shall no longer be able to exert their wickedness upon you anymore". " Every satanically closed door, shall be blasted open now." 1 John 2:27 The anointing teaches you deep things. "By this anointing, what no man can teach you, you would easily access from hence forth." Glory to God. You season of breakthrough is here. Expect open doors this week. CCYI GLOBAL inspiring minds ...igniting spirits. 08035690386 (Whatsapp) COVENANT DAY OF OPEN DOORS BY BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO

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