Saturday, February 18, 2017


RED ROSE SUMMIT 2017 By Mrs. Shola Coker Recipe for building effective Relationship. If you can't take strong advice, you agent ready for a change. That you are single does not mean you are ready for marriage. Aloness means been by yourself. What is a recipe? Group of items brought together to make a whole. What works in your relationship may not work in another's relationship. Cadres of relationship. 1. Relationship with older people. They need to be honoured. Respect people. Acknowledge people who are older than you. 2. Relationship with parallel people. These are your mates. 3. Relationship with younger people. Younger people are quick to remember your short comings. Forms of Relationship. 1. Family Relationship. This is a relationship that you did not deliberately choose. Related by blood. You can also be related by marriage. 2. Business Relationship. These are people whom you relate with for profit. 3. Professional Relationship. You need to draw a parallel line. Be formal with your colleagues. Refuse to mix business with pleasure. Admit people consciously into your personal space. 4. Romantic Relationship. This is having a sexual relationship with others. Romance is not a crush. It is liking someone and not know why. Romance is not sex. Recipe for a effective romantic relationship. 1. Maturity. This is the quality of behaving emotionally and mentally as an adult. You choose to be matured. 1 Corinthians 13:11 - Maturity is putting away childish things. There is a difference between been matured and been child like. Books is another source of maturity. Mentors are another source of maturity. Older persons are another source of maturity. Those who are older than you make the journey great. Things that test relationships and maturity. 1. Long distance or brief geographical disconnect. 2. Money or financial gratification. A good wife is the ingredient for building effective relationship. 3. Family and in-laws. Learn how to manage your in-laws. 4. Unforgiveness. This is what leads to divorce. Men have ego while women have pride. If you cannot master your christianity, don't bother import it. 5. Lack of self worth. Self worth come from within while self esteem comes form external context. Having self worth is needed for effective relationship. Have self respect. 6. Learn to walk out and walk tall. 7. Preserve yourself in relationship. Factors to test your self worth is in your ability to say NO. Know yourself. Ensure that your earn your trust. When you trust, you will surely love. You can love but do not trust. Trust is a big deal in relationship. Integrity is an important source of trust. Betrayal is an effect of the lack of trust. CCYI GLOBAL inspiring minds ....igniting spirits. 08035690386 (Whatsapp) RED ROSE SUMMIT 2017 WITH MRS SHOLA COKER RECIPE FOR EFFECTIVE RELATIONSHIP.

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