Sunday, January 29, 2017


Mantle Service

 #mantleservice Gateways to living in a different world.

Bishop David Oyedepo.

 Jude 3 Earnestly contend for the spirit of faith, which is able to make us live in perfectly different world.

 What is impartation?
We are here to partake of the spirit of faith. Impartation is the transfer of spiritual gifts from one vessel to another. Romans 1:11, psalm 132:1-2

Apostles carry transferable blessings or anointing Philippians 1:8 Numbers 11 24-26

Transference of priestly unction. Impartation is the tangible transference of the power of God through the priest to other vessels for the performance of signs and special miracles.

 Acts 19:11-12 "Every evil spirits that might be tormenting you, departs from you now."

"Whatever is responsible for your challenges would be struck down by the spirit of the lord through the impartation of the mantle ministration."

"Wherever your tormentors are hiding, the end comes to their operations now."
  Matt 14:36 The anointing you are too used to never allows for the flow of virtue. It is your sense of value that determines the flow of virtue. Mark 6:5-6 "Please, as you read, please condition your heart for a touch. Do not underestimate the anointing communicating with you now."

 "Expect the uncommon to happen to you now" CHANNELS OF IMPARTATION. #1. The spoken word. Ezekiel 2:2, John 6:63

The word of God been spoken

#2. 1 Timothy 4:14 Prophetic declaration. The prophetic word carries transferrable unctions. With the prophetic, you advance under attack.

 #3. Deut 34:9 Laying on of hands.

 #4. 2 kings 2:14-15 Prophetic mantle. The spirit of faith empowers you all things spoken from the word. Acts 24:14

Believing God becomes like breathing when you operate under the spirit of faith.

What is in the mantle? The spirit of the carrier is in the mantle. Engaging the mantle is engaging the spirit of the mantle.

 "No more satanic harassment on your life."

 #2. The overflowing priestly anointing is in the mantle. How do I access the impartation of the spirit of faith? Supernatural faith comes through impartation.

#1. Identify a carrier. Not a teacher Matt 25:9, Acts 3:6

#2. Receive and believe the person and ministry of the carrier. 2 chronicles 20:20, 2 kings 2:15

#3. Honour the carrier in your heart. Mark 6:4 Sonship connection is our natural access to impartation. Prophets are ordained spiritual fathers of those to whom they are sent. 2 kings 2:10 Fatherhood is our natural access to the virtues on a carrier.

You naturally possess his DNA. 2 kings 6:21 You need a fatherhood mentality.

Sonship is the key to impartation. Proverbs 13:22 Malachi 4:5-6

All genuine sons of a prophet share and replicate the same spiritual DNA with their prophet. Everything produces after its kind.

Genesis 1:24-25 Impartation is the spiritual platform for the duplication and multiplication of grace on a carrier of grace you desire. Matt 10:8 Special miracles answer to impartation.

That is your portion now.

Celebrating Pastor Daniel Olukayode
The Apostle of social transformation
on his landmark Birthday celebration
today 29th January
Glory to God


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