Sunday, January 29, 2017

The power of Vision and dreams

#daystarservice #wordspirations Rev Dr. Funke Felix Adejumo was in the house. Her 54th birthday was yesterday 28th January. A birthday song was rendered for her at the instance of pastor Sam Adeyemi. Dr Felix Adejumo Pst. Matthew Ashimolowo Bishop David Oyedepo Pst. Enoch Adeboye Pst Marcus and his wife Joni Lamb from Daystar broadcasting in the USA All these sent in birthday video greetings to Pst. Sam Adeyemi. A couple that are 50 years in marriage were celebrated and prayed for by pastor Sam Adeyemi. Genesis 42:8-9 THE POWER OF VISION "My dreams are coming to pass. My wildest dreams because they come from God." God reconfigures your world with dreams. "No more mental barrenness." "No more imaginative demobilization" Dreams take you beyond your experiences. Isaiah 46:9-11 the scripture for the fulfilment of dreams from God. Nobody can stop God in between your beginning and your established end. What God will do does not have you in the picture. All you need is to get out of God's way. #2. Develop your character. #3. Identify the gift and talents God has given you. With your gift and talent, nominal effort would result in big results. #4. Maximize every opportunity for service. Be committed to service. #5. Be patient. Have a five year plan. Give your dream time to materialize. You will not miscarry your dreams. Sin is the destroyer of your capacity to dream.


I want to use this opportunity to appreciate God for keeping everyone that has taken time out to visit this blog this year. We appreciate yo...


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