Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Feet Washing Mystery

Unveiling the mystery of Feet washing Matt 55:9 1 Corinthians 2:14 Most of the time, mysteries are too simple to believe. Most often than not, mysteries are validated by testimonies. Ephesians 3:1-5 Apostles and prophets are custodians of the mysteries of God. What is feet washing? John 13:3 - 11 Feet washing is mystery that connects us to our missing inheritance or parts in Christ. Exodus 30:10-20, 21 Feet washing preserves fro. Search. Rev 4:9 1 peter 2:10 Matt 5:17 Blessings hidden in feet washing #1. All round cleansing of the spirit. #2. Health and vitality. Deut 33:25, John 5;4, Romans 16:20 #3. Supernatural breakthroughs. Hab 3:17-19 #4. Empowers us to walk in finacial fortune. Zach1:17-21 Your feet is empowered to be dipped in oil. #5. It empowers to walk in dominion like christ Acts 4:13 Joshua 1:3 It is treated to walk in sweatless dominion. It makes you a Jesus duplicate. How do I take delivery of these blessings. #1. Believe in the mystery of feet washing. mark 6:5 #2. Believe in the finished work of Christ. Rev 12:5 Power, riches, wisdom, strenght, glory, honour and blessings. When God glorifies a man, no man can dishonour him. Numbers 12:10 1 samuel 2:13 #3. Believe God for the confirmation if his word. Exodus 14:13-14


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