Sunday, June 5, 2016


The kingdom lifestyle is the life style of greatness. Here is a picture of the kingdom lifestyle in the beginning:
As a created Being:
-          Man is created in the image and likeness of God.
-          He is 100% a divine spirit.
-          He has 100% access to the nature of God.
-          He could do all that was in God.
-          He carried within him the same awesome power at work in God Almighty.
-          He is not created to be spiritual, rather he is a spirit.
-          He was created a “god” over the earthly realm.
-          Man was created an awesome personality, no wonder the angels grew envious of him.

As a formed being:
-          Man was formed from all the finest raw materials that made up the earth and the heavens.
-          Unlike the angels, God had to cloth the spirit of man with a body.
-          This body was made from the earth.
-          The earth was a covering for this glorious spirit being called Adam.
-          This man was in absolute control of the earthly realms.
-          He had a superior soul when compared to other living organism on the earth.
-          He was a god with earth clothing.
-          He was surrounded with rivers that had in it great wealth.
-          He was made a king and the earth was his domain.
-          He had ownership rights of the planet earth.
-          He was a man in charge.
What an awesome creature. But what really gave man this awesome power and control?
-          Man had the breath of God infused into him. And if you must know, God has within himself all He would ever need. Whatever it is you can think of is in God Almighty.  God is all in all, the all powerful, the all knowing and ever present. All these properties are in God.
-          Now imagine for a minute all these things in God are present in His breath. The breath of God carries the life of God, while the life of God carries his nature. His nature has within it his fullness. Glory, riches, power, wisdom, honour, blessings, and strength. All these are in his nature, which is communicated through his breath. This breath was transmitted into man in the beginning. This is why I said man was awesome.
-          Man had within him in the beginning eternal glory. He had within him the breath of God, which is the very life of God. He was “God” in an earth suit. He had all the characteristic nature of God in him. Why wouldn’t the angels get jealous of him? He was the express image of God on the earth. This was man in the beginning. This is God’s intent for man in all generation. This quality of man is God’s dream for planet earth. The realization of this dream would bring heaven to earth.


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