Saturday, June 4, 2016


Your addiction defines your inner spirit.
It is the mechanism that controls and determines,
the outcomes of your life. Daniel ‘Kayode Jacobs.

Kingdom addiction is a basic foundation of the Christian faith that cannot be overlooked. It is the very foundation upon which enduring success is built. The height of any building is dependent on the depth of its foundation. The deeper the foundation, the higher the building can rise. You cannot therefore aspire to build a sky scrapper and then overlook the foundational basics. It will always be considered, it is a basic necessity.
The same basics apply to everyone who aspires for greatness. Kingdom greatness or stardom demands kingdom addiction. The deeper your addiction for the kingdom of God, the higher you fly in the world.
Let me take you on a trip to the beginning of time. The first man that was created had to be kept in a garden on the east side of Eden. This was so that he could stay addicted to the kingdom lifestyle.
What is Kingdom Addiction?
To be kingdom addicted is to stay committed to divine purpose and plan. It is to cooperate with God’s original intent. It is fitting in, to God’s blue print for mankind. It is accepting and coming to terms with the reality of divine utterances as contained in scriptures. To be kingdom addicted is to accept scriptural verdicts as the final say in your life.
Kingdom addiction is maintaining connectivity with your creator. It is maintaining oneness with the father of all spirits. It allowing the Holy Ghost abide in you. By the grace of God, this is one of the major secrets of my life. The only confidant I have in this world is the Holy Spirit. He is the only one I completely trust with my secrets. He is the only one that never fails to rebuke me with love.
A closer walk with the Holy Spirit is foundation of true kingdom addiction. It is not necessarily what you do that defines your addiction, rather, it is the way you walk with him.


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