Sunday, March 26, 2017


Encounter with Destiny Service Life is painted as a book. Isaiah 29:11 Every destiny is the kingdom can be likened to a book with chapters. Jesus is in the business of rebranding destiny. WHAT WISDOM IS THIS? Part 4 "After this month of march, you will never be stagnated again" John 6:6 Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do at every given time and doing it. James 3:15-17 reveals four kinds of wisdom. Natural wisdom, Sensual wisdom, Diabolic wisdom and the Wisdom from above. Everything wisdom delivers is always from above. "Every burden of debts would be taken away like the dream of the night." Matt 7:24-25 Gods wisdom is trackable in the Bible. John 3:31 The wisdom from above is above all other wisdom. Daniel 1 :21 Wisdom makes you 10 times better than your peers, who are not in touch with it. Daniel 5:11 wisdom makes you far above witches and wizards. 1 kings 4:29-34 Wisdom makes you wiser than all men in your time. Light would never need the support of darkness to get things done. It is doing what God says that is wisdom, not just knowing it. To access the wisdom from above: 1. Demands a tireless study of Gods word. Psalm 119:98, The word makes you stay wiser than your enemies. 2 Tim 4:13 Paul was a life student of the word. 2 Peter 3:15-16 Luke 11:49 The Bible is the wisdom of God in print. 2. It demands a joyful heart and spirit. Phil 4:4, Isaiah 12:3, psalm 16:11 3. It demands an impartation of the spirit. Deut 34:9, 2 timothy 1:6-7, Ezekiel 2:2, 1 timothy 4:14, Impartation largely comes through prophetic declaration. Jer 9:23-24 to keep the flow of divine wisdom demands that you consistently acknowledge God as the source of divine wisdom at work in your life. Malachi 2:1-3, revelations 5:10, James 1:17, Isaiah 29:11-12, proverbs 4:18, 2 corinthians 3:18, Ephesians 4:13 Every encounter with the word is an encounter with destiny. Exodus 3:10 Romans 8:29-30 every child of God has a glorious destiny in Christ. We are in Gods predestination by redemption. 2 Peter 1:3 Redemption is a calling to glory and virtues. Genesis 26:13-14, Galatians 4:28 every redeemed has an enviable destiny in Christ. Matt 11:11 the redeemed carry greater potentials than all the old testament siants. Matt 12:42 There are more inside than there was in Abraham, isaac, moses, david, Solomon etc A greater than old testament siant is in us by redemption. Matt 5:13-15 We are redeemed a pace setter and a trail blazer to your world. We are to be needed by the world. 1 Corinthians 2:9 loving God makes you an unstoppable wonder to your world. This race demands patience and endurance for it to materialize. To have encounters with destiny demands that: 1. You must be spiritual 1 Corinthians 2:14, Romans 8:6 Yoi need to be spiritual to appreciate spiritual things. 2. You must be prayerfull. Jeremiah 33:3, genesis 32:28 3. You must be spiritually sensitive, Galatians 5:25, Rev 1:10 Jesus pays all those he hires. Every commandment of scriptures is for your profiting. 4. You must be God loving and kingdom advancement passionate. 1 kings 8:17-18, matt 6:33 5. You must be steadfast in the faith. Do not get a miracle and walk away from his kingdom. "Welcome to your haven of rest." "No more dry season in your carrier, family, business and ministry" CCYIGLOBAL inspiring minds ...igniting spirits Happy Sunday


*Sunday Service* _Live from Faith Tabernacle Canaanland Ota, Business Breakthrough Service._ *First Service, Ministering: Bishop David Oye...


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