Monday, February 13, 2017


#wordspirations Covenant Day of Vengeance. Bishop David Oyedepo Exodus 4:22-23, Luke 18:7 "Whatever won't let you go, must go for you in Jesus name. You are returning with a testimony of be vengeance." Today is your day of escape. Your will hear news after this service, that the forces behind your issues are down" ENGAGING THE POWER OF REVELATION FOR MY EXEMPTION. Engaging the force of vengeance for our exemption. Provoking the God of judgment. Romans 12:19 1 Samuel We serve a two sided God, he killeth and maketh alive. Every arrows sent at you would return and multiplied measures unto the sender. psalm 94:1 You shall hear news of divine massacre in the camp of your enemy. Why pray vengeance prayer? 1. Jesus taught us to pray vengeance prayer. Luke 18:1-7 2. Psalm 7:9, Ecc 8:11 It takes speedy judgment to bring an end to the operations of the wicked. "This day, judgment will answer in your favour" Exodus 12:31 It takes judgment to break the hold of stubborn enemies. Exodus 12:12 "Every consultation made for your hurt is destroyed" "Within the next seven days, you will hear news" God has prepared the instrument of death for every enemy hiding in darkness. "Every of your unseen enemy will crash today." Psalm 7:420 The dark places of this earth are full of habitation of cruelty. Exodus 22:18 Suffer no witch to live. "Every agent of the devil bewitching your destiny falls dead today" Exodus 14:13-24 "Every agent of the devil monitoring your destiny for evil is entitled to a curse". Why do we need to curse the enemy? #1. Genesis 12:3 God curses #2. Jesus cursed Mark 11:9-23 #3. The holy Ghost curses #4. The appostle cursed. Act 13:9 Isaiah 54:17 You have the right to condemn whatever is mocking your destiny in Christ. 2 Kings 2:24 "Whatever makes people ask where is your God, comes under a curse today." We are in the days of vengeance of the lord. Luke 4:19 Isaiah 61:3-4 The later days begin with the days of vengeance of our God. Isaiah 63:4 The day of vengeance is in the heart of God... God sent prophets are agents of vengeance. Hosea 12:13 "You are coming out of my bandage and captivity today." Exodus 14:27 Psalm 74:9-12 Every force pursuing us unto our hurt is today going down. 2 Kings 1:10 Prophets are agents of vengeance "Every source of harrassment on your life comes under judgment in seven days." As a child of God, we are ordained an untouchable entity. Zach 2:8 Psalm 105:15 Acts 7:38 "Every evil hand smearing your destiny is cut off today" Exodus 23:20-23 God is an enemy of my enemies. #2. By redemption I am un-cursable. Numbers 23:23 Galatians 3:29 Roaman 2:28-29 Exodus 20:3&18 "Anyone holding down any aspect of your destiny is a dead man." To qualify for the God of vengeance #1. Be born again. #2. Believe in the God of vengeance for intervention in your circumstances. Matt 9:29 #3. Commit to serving God and the interest of his kingdom. Malachi 3:17-18 Job 1:9 #4. Speak boldly in the name of the lord against your adversary. Psalm 81:10-14 Luke 21:15 Speak with boldness from the heart. "The next seven days, you will hear news".

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