Saturday, February 11, 2017


#$upernaturalmindset #wordspirations Renewing the mind in a mindless generation - learning to think, speak and act scripturally. There is no doubt that we live in mindless times, days in which multitudes are drifting along through life, manipulated by the mass media and social media - television and fake internet news. Few give thought for their eternal souls, and most, even Christians, are unaware of any way if thinking or living other than that of the secular culture that surrounds them. Fortunately, littered here and there are individuals or groups who yearn after God and want their lives to be different from the lives of mere humanist, materialist, and secularist. They constantly look forward to making their lives count for God. The apostle Paul was a practical teacher. The last halves of most of his writings contain practical directions for how Christians are to live the kingdom life. But it is significant that the first halves all contain strong doctrine, obviously because Paul was aware that what we think will determine what we eventually do. In fact, in the magnificent book of Romans, at the very beginning of the section that the editors of the NIV study Bible list in their outline as "Righteousness Practiced," Paul begins with a challenge to us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Ref Romans 12:1-2 Many people today give their lives to Jesus Christ but fail to submit their minds to what I call "righteousness exercise of the mind". At new birth, we are made ready to begin the process of thinking as gods - coming to terms with our true nature. Pslam 82:1-6 It is one thing for the spirit to be reborn, but an entirely different thing for the mind to be renewed. The regenerated spirit carries the entirety of of God, but we need to tune the frequency of the mind to align with that if the spirit, if our lives must be transformed. Follow us on this new series and learn how to transform your life. Have a wordspired day. CCYI GLOBAL inspiring minds ...igniting spirits. 08035690386(Whatsapp)


I want to use this opportunity to appreciate God for keeping everyone that has taken time out to visit this blog this year. We appreciate yo...


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