Saturday, February 11, 2017

In Pursuit of a life of Purpose

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IN PURSUIT OF A LIFE OF PURPOSE. The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but living a life without a well defined destination. It is scary to be alive and not have the slightest reason why you have been given life. One of the most frustrating experience is to have time in your hands and not know what to do with it. Why are you on earth? What is the reason for your existence? What is the meaning of your life? What is the worth of man on the earth? Is man designed for earth or for heaven? If man is designed for heaven, what then is he doing here on earth? These and many more are the questions begging for answers in human hearts. The deepest craving of the human spirit is to find a sense of significance and relevance. The search for relevance in life is the ultimate pursuit of man. Conscious or unconscious, admitted or not, this internal passion is what motivates and drives every human being, either directly if indirectly. It directs his divisions, controls his behaviour, and dictates his responses to his environment. However, the need for significance is the cause for great tragedies. The passion for relevance and a sense of significance makes one race or ethnic group elevate itself above another. The desperate desire to feel important and relevant to one's existence also causes the sacrifice of common sense, good judgment, moral standards, and basic human values. Many individuals have sacrificed excellent reputations and years of character - building lifestyle for the sake of advancement to a desired position or a place of recognition and fame in their society or workplace so they could feel important and worthwhile. In essence, this deep desire and drive for a sense of importance, significance and relevance is the cause and the motivator of all human behaviour and conflict. Remember, purpose is the only source of individual and corporate fulfilment. CCYI GLOBAL inspiring minds .....igniting spirits 08035690386 (Whatsapp)

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