Saturday, August 27, 2016


We are in a time and season of the Massive Manifestation of the Spirit of Revelation.
God is pouring is Spirit massively upon all flesh.
We are in a time of massive out pouring of insight, knowledge and wisdom.
I dare to say that we are in the four carpenter age.  as described in the book of Zachariah.
This is because, God's emphasis is shifting from gospel of salvation to gospel of kingdoms.
There is a sporadic revelational shift just the way it is happening in the ICT industry. In the same way ICT is turning the world into a global village, there is an outpouring of "Now insight and revelation" for the taking of nations.
There is a massive outpouring of grace to move nations to the saving grace of the lord Jesus Christ.
It is time for beneficiaries of the gospel of salvation to spread the gospel of the kingdom.
We have dwelt on the gospel of salvation long enough, it is time to take the nations.
It is not enough to cross the red sea. The red sea (the blood of Jesus) only took them to the wilderness. The wilderness was intended to rid them of the mentalities of Egypt in readiness for the actual task. Out of twelve tribes (beneficiaries of gospel of salvation), only two saw the promise land (kingdom) and embraced it. In the promised kingdom were seven mighty nations (giants). The trumpet is sounding, it is time to do battle and possess the lands of these mighty nations.
It is time for the nations of this world to become the nations of our God.
We are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. Earth is gripping in darkness and experiencing decadence because the lights are not shining and the salts are not doing their jobs. It is not Satan that is solely responsible for the state if our world but the lack of responsibility of be the beneficiaries of the gospel of salvation.
It is time to arise and shine for we are in the season of massive outpouring of revelation knowledge.
Be word-spired. 

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