Sunday, August 28, 2016


It is time to Invade the mountain of media and evacuate its inhabitants - the Hittites. The word Hittite comes from the name Heth, which means fear or terror, and these terrifying spirits are having a heyday being released over the air through the various  news or media outlets. Bad news is Satan's specialty, and twisted news is his delight. His goal is to flood the airwaves with bad news, bringing the battle to his home field, where he can easily pick off the fearful and anxious. After constant exposure to terrifying news, he can then easily inject illness into people's weakened immune systems. The proliferation of bad news is known to physically affect the heart and the immune system.
The enemy's strategy is to fill the ear gate of people through media with humanistic, liberal ideologies for the sole purpose of releasing venom The word liberal means different things to different people in many nations. For me, I want to go with a definition that states that being liberal is to seek to be free God-ordained ethics and values, as revealed in the Bible. That is world view that exalts humanity and demotes God (or at least His relevance) God may be in the picture, but He is not properly centered, so the compass for a proper worldview is askew. Liberals are not bad people; they are just people who have been deceived into embracing a de-prioritized view of God. The good news is, God is raising up a new breed of evangelist to take this mountain of media. An evangelist is someone anointed to bring good news. Good news conditions a soul to respond to God, because God is good. Philippians 4:8 When these new breed agents seize the mountain of media, the airwaves would be filled with that which is true, that which is noble, that which is just, that which is pure, that which is lovely, that which is of a good report, that which is of virtue, and that which is praiseworthy. The airwaves must be filled with the kind of story angles that releases hope. Romans 2:4 As the climate changes, there's an increased conductivity towards repentance. The end result will be that more souls with come to the Lord by our targeting the mountain of media that by just limiting our target to individual souls. Good news conditions people's heart to the One who is good. Welcome to your season of good news in Jesus name. 

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