Thursday, August 11, 2016


Knowledge only become profitable to those who think through.

1 Tim 4:15

Only thinkers make the most of knowledge.

Until knowledge is translated to products, it has no value.

All real leaders are known to be leaders.

There is a leadership seed in every child of God.

Matthew 5:13-14

Only thinkers can make the most of knowledge.

Thinkers change and mould the world.

*Scientific Giants.*

1. _Archimedes._ Came up with the law of floatation.

2. _Joseph Priestly_ 

Inventor of soda water.

3. _Albert Einstein_

The law of relativity. 
Invented electric lightening bulb.

4. _The Wright Brothers_

Brought about the aviation industry.

5. _Isaac Newton_

Discovered the law of gravity.

6. _Bill Gates_

Founder of Microsoft Corporation.

*It is the thinkers world.*

We have a lot of workers but very few thinkers.

*Everything called invention is a product of creative thinking.*

IT is a function of high thinking.

It takes thinking to make great inventions.

No race is at any form of disadvantage because all brains are exactly the same. It is the quality of utilization that
 defines the difference.

The black mans brain is the same as that if a white man.

It is the ability to think that empowers us to create solutions.

Only 10% of humans think, 25% think that they are thinking. 65% would rather die than think

We need to empower our thinking capacity.

Leadership is the product of efficient management of self, time, task and resources.

Self management

Being able to set quality goals.

Becoming a law to ones self.

It is engaging personal involvement.

Making quality decision and standing by it.

It is setting boundaries so you could know your limits.

It is ability to have self training.

Gal 1:17 Paul engaged in self training before stepping into ministry.

Self discipline empowers the star in every potential leader.

All committed learners are potential leaders.

Everyone who can work effectively without supervision is a leader in the making.

Anyone you have to pursue to deliver may not go far.

Great leaders work for impact and not survival.


To many people are interested in the platform but not interested in the steps to getting there.

Time is a currency needed for effective leadership.

What you do with your time is what defines your actual worth.

Great leaders spend their time reading, searching, learning, etc

Unfortunately we have more complainers than thinking.

More wishers than workers

More spectators than players.

Sleeping eight hours daily means you would have slept for 25years by the time you are 75 years.

Those who make news hardly have time to watch them.

And those who watch them hardly make news.

Access to the top is at a cost.

If you love life, do not squander time.


Task is the business you engage in

Jude 13 beware of becoming a wandering star.

If you don't face your business, your business might be faced out.


Watch what you spend on telephone, cable TV, Internet on a monthly basis.

Tie yourself to a strict budget.

Without a budget, there is no cure for waste.

When you are not committed to good financial management you will suffer financial embarrassment.

Good management is key to development.

Until waste is cured the future is not secured.

*You don't grow big to manage well, you manage well to grow big.*

Think and manage well, the top is waiting for you.

The night season is your best time for thinking.

Think through anything that is of interest to you.

Don't just think, but think cost effective thoughts.

Thinking is a must to impact on our world.

Glory to God.

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