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Excellence either in spiritual, circular, contemporary or historical context refer to distinction and outstanding success.

Excellence can be defined personally or corporately.

Excellence is putting something extra to the ordinary.

Excellence: Maxims & Definitions

Daniel 6:3

Excellence is been selected in spite of competition

*Excellence is the possession of value or worth that exceeds your competition.*

It makes you a rare commodity.

*Excellence is the catalyst for speed.*

1 Corinth 15:9

Ephesians 3:8

2 Peter 3:15

Excellence is been chosen inspire of your unfavorable position.

The pathway to the top is the pathway of excellence.

*Excellence makes an individual to exceed those that seem to be of more advantaged.*

*Excellence is an amplifier - it is self announcing.*

  • It is attractive. 
  • It carries followers. 
  • It advertises people

1 Samuel 16:18

It is a show of marketable skills.

Excellence in your engagement would always attract attention.

*Excellence is not a gift*

  • It must be cultivated.
  • It must be developed.

Luke 2:52

The move of excellence is never static, it is a movement.


1. *Excellence demands right orientation.*

A culture refer to shared values.

There must be communication.

Until we are of the same mind, we cannot all hit the same goal.

Proverbs 23:7

You have to think differently to beat your opposition.

Ephesians 4:13

God expects us to be unified in our thinking.

We must determine that we are not like others in other to make a difference.

We need a common mind to attain the right height.

Genesis 11:6

A united mindset would always achieve its set goals.

Thinking and talking the same thing leads to excellence.

Excellence requires reporting

Man is to expensive to be maintained by man

After every of God's act (he said), also reported (he saw).

God gives account of every action of his.

We have to diligent in our pursuit.

*Excellence demands assessment and measurements.*

2 Corinth 13:5

It is wisdom to  exams for ourselves.

The eyes of ordinary men looks outward, but the perspective of the excellent first looks inwards.

Where are we in relation to where we are going.

When God saw, he gave it a score.

To complete our goal, we need to complete and score it.

*Excellence demands correct placement.*

Our best mental state cannot compare with God's worst day.

Over marking ourselves always draws us back from achieving our goals.

Even God never marked himself excellent. The best he gave himself was very good._

Romans 12:3

No man should think too highly of himself.

We hinder our progress by over celebrating our success.

When you clap for yourself, you leave your task undone.

There is need for proper self assessment.

The accolade of the public can lead you to obscurity.

In the eye of the goal, we are not near there.

*Excellence demand open accountability and reporting*

Real excellence demands accountability.

When there is an unwillingness to be held accountable, excellence cannot be realized.

Glory to God.


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