Monday, July 18, 2016


The Conscious Mind

This is the processing room of the mind. This is what enables men to interact with the physical environment. It helps us to appreciate beauty, nature, space etc.

It feeds on information acquired through sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste.

It is a slave to observation, experimentation, inspection, supervision, interaction etc.

When developed, it is the mother science and civilization.

The Emotions

The emotion is another aspect of the soul that plays a vital role is defining our career choices.

The emotion houses our habits, attitudes, behavioral patterns and the way we perceive and react to things.

Emotions are strong inner feelings that define our mood and as result our inner strength or courage.

There is need for emotional intelligence if the right career choices must be made early in life.

What is it that you have discovered from God’s word and you feel good at pursuing irrespective of what opposing forces think of you?

The career worth pursuing is the one that you enjoy doing. Joy and inner peace are pointers to emotional stability as it relates to career path.

The Intellect

This is an act of reasoning things out. It is the part of man that defines his capacity to develop new ideas, new vision, new ambition, better insights etc.

It grows with quality education. The quality of career chosen can be strengthened with qualitative intellectual investment.

Intellect is not just about going to school but developing the ability to source and process information. Intellectual sagacity grows with research.

Before deciding which career or profession to settle for, you need to embark on a research.  Research enables you to know what the current trend is in the occupation you might be desiring.


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