Sunday, April 9, 2017


GATEWAYS TO SUPERNTURAL BREAKTHROUGHS IN HARD TIMES. Part 2 Gods ways never lack proofs. Mark 16:20 Gods word is always in command of his acts. Every word of God you put to work, get confirmed in your life. John 21:5-6 The Abrahamic covenant secures all round blessings. It brings unlimited breakthroughs. Genesis 24:1 Nothing guarantees fulfilment like covenant practice. It averts curses and establishes blessings. Genesis 8:20-22, Deut 8:18, Genesis 22:17-18 Deut 28:1-13 God's blessings makes the names of its carriers great. Job 1:8 You do not have to go crooked to make the most of your life. At the root of long lasting blessing is the fear of God. Gen 14:23, 1 Tim 4:8 With integrity, you take a stand to retain the blessing. Job 22:21-25 God defends his children, who walk in his fear. Psalm 20:1-3 When God is your defend, forget the enemies. When the lion of the tribe of Judah becomes your defence, the enemies becomes powerless. The law of seed time and harvest goes beyond financial blessings. Psalm 41:1-3 Your considering the poor delivers you in the day of trouble. It also preserves and keeps you alive. It frees you from curses. It heals you from sickness and diseases. He gets you to work. It delivers you from trouble. Psalm 112:1-7 The law of seed time and harvest secures posterity for you. It makes your children after you 5o be great and relevant. Proverbs 20:7 what you are doing right today is procuring for you a tomorrow. God is committed to exempting his children from all the horrors of life. Psalm 66:18-19 There is no sin that God cannot forgive. But he won't forgive if you refuse to repent. When God puts his hand on you, forget the devil. Exodus 3:7-8 1. Plague of swarms of flies. Exodus 8:21-22, - decadence 2. Exodus 9:1-7 Death of cattles - collapse of businesses. 3. Exodus 9:26 Hails and fire - devastation and natural desersters. 4. Gross darkness - frustration, stranded, groundedness Exodus 10:23 Every generation has had its share of famine. Ecc 1:9, Nothing is new under the sun. Gen 13:2, In the time of Abraham Gen 26:1-14, in the time of Isaac Gen 42:1-2-13 in the time of Jacob Gen 47:15 in the time of Joseph. The covenant of seed time and harvest remains valid even in hard times. Malachi 3:18, Malachi 4:1-2 The exemption mandate. Your giving is enhancing nobody except you. Doing what God says makes you confident about tomorrow. 1 kings 17:15 As Abraham's seed: 1. Fear God 2. Be obedient 3. Be liberal 4. Be a tither How to exercise your exemption rights 1. Find the truth about your exemption. 1 Peter 2:9 2. Believe in the truth you have found. Luke 1:45, john 1:12 3. Think in line with the truth you have found. 4. Act in the truth you have found. Faith is not cheap talk but hard work. Heb 10:23 Confession without prophesioƱ will lead to erosion. 5. Keep saying so. Order your words aright, ensure that they continue to align with your expectations. 6. Expect your exemption. 7. Continue doing the above over and again till it delivers all your expectations. Expect to be exempted from all the horrors of life. Glory to God. CCYIGLOBAL inspiring minds ...igniting spirits. HAPPY SUNDAY

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