Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Taking Territory with prayer wisdom keys.

Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr
@ Covenant hour of prayer

Acts 6:7

The labour room of prayer is the birth place of multitudes into the kingdom Isaiah 66:8

Every birth demands adequate labour.

The labour room of prayer is the birth place of multitudes.

As long as you can travail in prayer, you are sure to bring forth multitudes at once. Galatians 4:19

You travail to see christ formed in people. Acts 6:1-7

To prevail, you need to give yourself to prayer.

Our preaching can only be as valuable as our praying.

Whatever cannot stop the church from praying, cannot stop the church from growing. Ezekiel 36:37

When you are not tired of praying, you cannot stop growing. Acts 4:23, Acts 5:12, Acts 6:4

As we engage in prayer, God is committed to drawing souls to his kingdom.

The growth of every church is continuous praying.

One of the great returns on the prayer altar is transfiguration.

Every chaff is cleared off as we settle on the prayer altar.

The prayer altar is a facilitator of his glory. Luke 9:31

"Lord help me to pray to the point of transfiguration."

Ambiguity can be frustrating in prayers. We all need to be specific with our request in prayers.

What exactly do you want God to do for you specifically between now and Sunday.

God has no problem delivering to you whatever your request is.

Prayers is the platform for noiseless breakthroughs.

You going out and coming in this week is blessed.

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