Sunday, March 5, 2017

Have Something to Sell

ENTREPRENUERSHIP 2 Kings 4:1-7 HAVE SOMETHING TO SELL You end in financial tightness when you have nothing to sell. Money is only a means of exchange for value. Money flows in the direction of those who have something to sell. There is something of value around you begging to be sold and link you to breakthrough. The ability to sell is what gives value to the miracles that come to us. We all need selling skills. This is the ability to persuading, influencing or convincing someone to your way of thinking or buying something of value that you have to offer. Your ideas and talents would almost translate to nothing until you have the capacity to sell. People who have selling skills are more likely to succeed. Selling affects every area of our daily lives. Leaders are in the business of selling. Selling is a skill and it can be learned. How do I have something to sell? Take your small thing and try to meet big needs. The bigger the needs you want to meet, the greater the things you have to sell. The miracle flow begins when you locate that little thing in you that needs to be used to meet a bigger need. Something in your hand is enough to meet any need. Until you break free from self centeredness you might not find something to sell. Learn to refine that thing in your hand and make it available to a larger people. Gods power works for you only when your dreams become bigger. You must learn to sell yourself before you can sell a product. People won't buy the message, until they buy the messenger. Ensure that you have passion in what you are selling. "I prophesy the opening of new doors for you in Jesus name." CCYI GLOBAL inspiring minds ....igniting spirits. LIVE FROM DAYSTAR Pst Sam Adeyemi

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