Sunday, March 12, 2017

Have something to sell 2

 2 Kings 4:7 Where do you go, when you have challenges?
Where you go is a function of the positioning of your heart.
 Do not treat what God has given you as a hubby.
Learn how to sell.
Do a market survey, so as to find your appropriate market.
Know who needs what you carry and is ready to pay for it.
What God gives you is a starter miracle.
You need to know how to get and keep the cycle going.
The real deal begins in business when you start to sell.
Real money is not the paper but the value.
The value you meet is the real money.
Money flows in the direction of those meeting needs.
You have something to sell, sell it.
Money is a means of exchange of value.
 Matthew 10:1-8,9,10 We are empowered primarily to solve problems.
If value goes from you, value would come back to you.
Solves problems for people.
The worker is worthy if his food.
You cannot lack food, if you are solving critical problems for people.
We are all in the business of selling one thing or the other.
At the heart of Joseph was the willingness to solve problems.
You need capacity to solve problems.
1 Corinthians 12: we all have spiritual gifts - capacities God has given us to solve problems.
You have something that your city and nation needs.
Why is it necessary for us to sell? Sales keep the money flowing.
 It opens the door to any nations economy.
Without selling, the manufacturing companies would close down.
 Selling is what keeps production going.
1 Kings 10:28-29 Solomon sold horses and chariots (Vehicles).
He was into importation of goods.
There is need to acquire selling skills.
Goods are sold, they are not bought.
Do not put the responsibility on the buyer.
There is need for persuasion or convincing.
This requires that you need to know what they need.
 There needs are very similar to your needs.
Services are sold and not bought. You need to go after people.
There is need for persuasion skills. Jesus was a convincer and influencer.
He never leaves people the same way he meets them.
Acts 3:5 You have something to give.
Discover that thing you have, acquire selling skills and start selling.
 Glory to God. This shall be your season of open doors.
inspiring minds
...igniting spirits.

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