Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Equipping teams for Excellence series #equippingteams #wordspirations The Five Step Training Process Step 1: Be a Role Model This process begins with the leaders doing of the task while his team being trained watch. When the leader does this, he tries to give them the opportunity to see and as well go through the whole process. Too often, some leaders begin in the middle of the task, and confuse the people, they are trying to teach. When the team see the task performed correctly and completely, it gives them something to try to reproduce. Step 2: Mentor the team The leader should continue performing the task, but this time the people being trained come alongside the leader and assist in the process. The leader takes time to explain the how and the why of wash step being taken. Step 3: Monitor the process There is need to exchange places this time. The trainee performs the task and the leader assist and corrects where necessary. It is especially important during this phase to be positive and encouraging to the trainee. It ensures that they continue to put in their best and also enables them to improve rather than give up. The leader should do well in working with the trainee until he develops consistency. Once he/she has gotten down the process, ask such individual to explain it to you. It would help the trainee to understand and remember. Step 4: Be Motivational At this point, the leader takes himself out of the task and let the trainee go. The leaders task is to make sure he knows how to do it without help and to keep encouraging the trainee until the point of improvement. It is important for the leader to be available until the trainee senses success. This is a great motivator. At this time the trainee may want to make improvement to the process. Encourage such individual or team to do so, and at the same time pick up one or two lessons from it. Step 5: Multiply This is the most interesting step of the whole process. Once the emerging leaders do well, it becomes their turn to teach others how to do it. As teachers know, the best way to learn something is to teach it. When you teach what you know, you multiply the knowledge in your life. And the beauty of this is that, it frees the leader to do other important developmental task while others carry on the training. Have a wordspired day today! Your light has come, and the effect shall be supernatural connections. When your light comes, you become a magnet of God's glory. Isaiah 60:1-3 CCYI GLOBAL inspiring minds ...igniting spirits. 08035690386 (Whatsapp) Feel free to share your views with us on these platforms.


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