Thursday, February 2, 2017

Exploring the biblical laws of Success

#chapelservice #wordspirations Exploring biblical laws of Success. Matthew 5:13-16 Let your light so shine before men, so they may see your good works and give glory to God. What is success? The accomplishment of an aim or a goal. A good outcome of an undertaking. It is making sa5isfactory progress. What is law? This means rule, regulation, ordinance, precept, principle whose violation must result in a penalty etc. A penalty can be in the form of injuries, pain, failure etc. There are natural laws and spiritual laws. Spiritual laws can suspend natural laws. The love of God in the heart of man is the anchor law of success. Matthew 22:35-40 Which is the greatest commandment in the law? It is loving God and then people. Every other law lean on these two laws. Genesis 39:9. Joseph feared God, demonstrating his love for God. 1 Samuels 13:14 The love of God makes you a man after Gods own heart. Job 1:1-3,8, Job 13:15, Job 29:4-18 Job loved God unto great wealth. Loving God is walking in integrity. Daniel 1:8 - 17 Loving God is purposing in your heart not to defy yourself. Daniel 3:22 The love of God makes you refuse to bow to the treat of sinners. Daniel 6:1 The love of God makes you stubborn against ungodly decrees. #1. The law of love. Romans 13:8-12 Love is the fulfilment of the law. It is wisdom to love one another. What you are saying to your neighbor, is it coming from your heart? Deut 28:1 The love of God sets you up above all your peers. It always brings enthronement. How love enthrones #1. 1 john 4: 1-20 Love is Gods nature The love of God is the trigger for true success. It provokes the presence of God. #2. Amos 3:3 Love establishes companionship with God. You can't work with God and be a victim of failure. You operate with the consciousness that God is by your side. Isaiah 45:1-3 God has your companion overturns every opposition. #3. Genesis 39:5-21 If God be for us, every good thing follows us. Romans 8:31 No matter where you are love would make you stand out. #4. Proverbs 13:20, 11:33, Daniel 12:3 Walking with God makes you contact his wisdom. #5. Pslam 24:7-10 Every impossible gate lift up their heads when we keep company with God. Walking with God makes every impossible gates to be forces open. * The Law of Supernatural Empowerment. Zach 4:1- 7 You can't accomplish anything outside the empowerment of the spirit. Supernatural empowerment provokes success at extraordinary frequency. It engraces you to do the seemenly impossible. Loving God is what qualifies you for supernatural empowerment. Luke 4:14-37 You cannot be empowered and not be known. Isaiah 45:1-3 The anointing of the holy spirit destroys barriers. Isaiah 61:1-4 Have a wordspired day. May the love of God take control of your life and destiny. But it takes accepting Jesus into your life to have his love shed abroad in your heart. Please step out in faith and receive Jesus the next time you are in church. Glory to God. CCYI GLOBAL inspiring minds ....igniting spirits 08035690386 (whatsapp)

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