Sunday, February 5, 2017

Demystifying the concept of singleness and loneliness at Red Rose Summit 2017

Demystifying the concept of singleness and loneliness. What to look out for at this year's Red Rose Summit! Many people have confused singleness with "being alone" What is singleness? What does it mean to be single? Will there ever be a time, and has there ever been a time, when you will cease to be single? Does getting married do away with the true definition of being single? When you marry, do you stop being a single individual? At Red Rose Summit 2017, you will come to discover the following hard truths.... #1. No one should marry until he or she is totally single. #2. Until you are single, you are actually not ready to marry. #3. Until you are truly single, marriage will be a difficult, and perhaps negative, experience. #4. In Genesis 2:18, did God say, "it is not good for man to be single? No, He said, " it is not good that should be alone...." #5. Marriage will not solve "aloneness." Many people are married now, and the marriages are not working. They pray to get free, sleep in separate beds, operate in tension in the home. Marriages like that create more aloneness. Marriage is not the answer to being alone. What then is the answer? Find about these and many more at Red Rose Summit 2017.


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