Tuesday, January 31, 2017


How to Equip for Excellence part 2 SHARE YOUR DREAM While trying to get to know your people, make it a habit to share your dream. It helps them to know you and have an idea where you are heading. If it looks like where they are also heading, you become their leader. This is the best way to show them your heart and your motivation. The truth is that, it takes a dream to experience growth. All big individuals today were once dreamers yesterday. They see things in the dry seasons or even raining season of their life. Some of us let those great dreams die, but some smart ones nourish and protect these dream seeds. They nourish their dream seeds through unfavourable times until they bring them to the sun shine and light, which comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dream seeds would germinate and come true. It is also very true that the person makes the dream, the same way the dream makes the man. All good leaders have dream seeds. All great leaders share their dream with others who can help them make it a reality. According to Florence Littauer, Dare to dream: Have the desire to do something bigger than yourself. Prepare the dream: Do your homework; be ready when the opportunity comes. Wear the dream: Do it Share the dream: Make others a part of the dream, and it will become even greater than you had hoped. "I pray that the leadership seed in you begin to blossom as God organizes for you supernatural relationships that would Better your life." Have a wordspired day! CCYI GLOBAL inspiring minds ...igniting spirits. 08035690386 (Whatsapp Group)


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