Thursday, January 26, 2017


#wordspirations POWER YOUR LIFE WITH GOAL SETTING HABITS You must know what you want before your creative faith can target towards it. To succeed, you need a routine practice of goal setting. Writing down your goals must become part of your life style. When goals get documented in line with your most dominant dreams, they become executable plans. You will never leave where you are currently until you know exactly where you want to be. You will never change your location until you determine your destination. Those who have not suffered your darkness cannot truly understand your craving for light. Great things always happen to those who persist. Winners are people who are willing to try one more time. You must know what you really want before God will give it to you. Jesus always respond to people who know what they truly want. Whatever God places in your spirit - is an indication that it exist!. The persistent presence of a God-given desire in your heart is proof that it is possible for you to attain it. You cannot out dream God! You cannot create something in your mind that God cannot produce. The creator cannot outperform our creator. You may be feeling inadequate, inferior and incapable of accomplishing your dreams. But God planted those dream-seeds in your spirit for a purpose. You see, your faith cannot be released until you have established a clear-cut target and goal. Have a wordspired day as you define your goals for the remaining months of this year. Expect the showers of blessings. CCYI GLOBAL inspiring minds ....igniting spirits (Submit your emails on our site and get inspiring messages in your email box) 08035690386 (Whatsapp)


I want to use this opportunity to appreciate God for keeping everyone that has taken time out to visit this blog this year. We appreciate yo...


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