Tuesday, January 17, 2017

100 laws of enterprise development


1 A job is a seed of your wealth, wealth creation begins with a job. Everything created came out of God’s pattern of thinking. To be creative, look at creation.

2 Cast seeds into the ground by speaking words that describes the situation you want (confess the word)

Once you cast the seed into the ground, it shows you the coded information in it. Every seed has coded information in it.

Seed, once sown, translates into physical measurable, quantifiable and distinctive growth. Once planted what is in the seed comes out.

It is sown in weakness,every weak situation is an opportunity to  sow seeds. he that observes the wind would not sow

It is sown a natural body and then reaped a spiritual body that means spiritual laws are put into force once a seed is sown...a seed is an entity that reproduces after its own kind on the earth...a seed is not necessarily money.

3 End time satanic trapping is to raise men independent of God. In all your ways acknowledge God

4.Nobody can answer the deep questions of your spirit other than God.

5 When you get into the intelligence of God you see God using the base things to confound the mighty. You see five loaves feeding 5,000 people

6 find the point at which your business catches on and begin to spread, Invest at that point

7.Have private time with God

8 Solve problems

9 Take responsibility for your actions

10. Be  part of a process

11 Everyone has that capacity to deliver the seed in them

12. Study people well, be a keen observer of people

13. It’s never as bad as they say, people exaggerate a lot

14. A measure of discomfort is the beginning of a turning point

15. Don’t be embittered

16. When it is time to sow a seed an opportunity shows up in your environment

17. Struggle starts when you begin to go after fruits whose seed you never sowed.

18. Starting from the scratch gives you certain intelligence and insight

19.When you get into competition you destroy your creativity

20. Strangers will build your walls

21 Whatever idea you have, there is a seed version of it.

22 is the seed version that is often despised because it represents the days of little beginning

23 Be bold

24 You can be anointed, but not yet appointed, wait!

25 God rested because he finished not because he was tired

26 When you take more than enough manna it would breed worms.

27 Excellence is doing always what is right because it is right.

28 Work is more than your pay. Work is the will of God.

29 Working hours are sacred, be devoted at work.

30 Always think ownership . think like the owner even if you are not the owner.

31 Have teachers so that you can have more understanding than them

32 Breakthroughs come; when you break through, break- the- rough.

33 Everything has a melting point.

34 Let go of people when they leave you

35 Avoid uneducated enthusiasm, study and reseearch!

36 Always write... if it’s not written, it doesn’t exist

37 Honour your father and mother

38 Faith can grow in a hostile ground.

39 A destructive means will never bring about a constructive end.

40 If a name is good enough. It can stand on its own. Avoid titles.

41 When you step out of your time, you’ll cease to be a voice but a noise

42 60% of management problems result from faulty communication

43 Every enterprise is built on wise planning

44 investigate before you invest

45 Go the extra mile; there is no traffic jam there.

46 Provisions would always rise to the level of your vision.

47 Only those who are going somewhere get anywhere not those going everywhere.

48 how can you have eternal life and you are praying for long life?

49 The profit of the earth is for all! It can go round

50 Nobody knows tomorrow

51 Spend time to meditate on the word

52 Dance often

53 Free your mind

54 Life is not that difficult

55 Laugh often

56 Sing worship songs to God.

57 Leave a legacy

58 Raise leaders

59The future is an unknown, somewhat a predictable unknown. To look to the future, we must first look back upon the past. It is there the seeds of the future were sown.

60 When your mentor becomes your tormentor, behave yourself wisely

61 Don’t have the entitlement mentality

62 Take time to meditate on the scriptures

63 Have older friends (senior friends)

64 You need mentors, tormentors and mentors- turn- tormentors you need all of them for different purposes.

65 When you fail to deliver a good or a service at the appointed time over deliver (add something not part of the bargain).

66 Call ahead when you know you can’t keep an appointment.

67 learn how to eat buffet

68 Avoid strife like a plague

69 Exude hope

70 Dress corporately at times

71 Look good

72 Exude confidence; the person in front to you is but a man like you.

73 Don’t make gain in cash alone, gain friends, gain confidence and gain a good name

74 Give your pastor a part of your income, he is God’s servant.

75 Have special considerations for the widows and the fatherless

76 Be the leading leader

78 Be a team player

79 Don’t count on windfalls. Have everyday income generators and trust God for windfall.

80 Read autobiographies

81 Be free, be capable of independent action.

82 Be proactive. Don’t react, act!

83 Don’t tell any of your staff to watch your back, you’ll raise an impostor. Allow God to watch your back.

84 Watch movies.

85 Don’t flatter people.

86 the zenith of an accomplishment is the genesis of another

87 Profit made may be your next seed

88 The equator is an imaginary line, and yet it is popular, imagine things

89 Don’t go to mediums, marabous or the likes

90 Join a unit in church.

91 Evangelize: Do the work of an evangelist.

92 Delay gratification

93 Take photographs

94 Attend midweek services

95 Sign your cheques

96 Think outside the box, there is no box

97 Appreciate others

98 Pay your tithe

99 Don’t give bribes, go through due process. Remember you are an Apostle in the market place

100. Tell the truth always


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