Friday, September 9, 2016

The power and purpose of destiny part 3

Destiny is not determined by your nations economy, but by the treasures locked up in individuals.

Destiny begins with self - discovery. A product of self worth and values.

Your values are not in peoples opinion about you, but in what has been wired into you.

Your true value does not come from education, but from a discovery of a destiny that cannot be stopped.

As children of God, we are predestined for glory. Predestination is the source of peace. This is because, our future is God's past.

By a predestination, God has set the end before the beginning.

There is something God has finished in heaven, which he has sent us to earth to begin.

You are sent here to begin what God has already ended. Stay on the path of destiny and you would enjoy nothing else but glory.

You were finished before you actually began.

Ephesians 1:4

God made you before the earth began.

Ecc 3:1-3

Your existence is proof that there is something finished that you are born to start.

Isaiah 46:1-10

God only initiates on earth, what he has already finished in heaven.

For you to be conceived in your mothers womb, millions of other sperms had to die.

You are a child of destiny and here on earth for a specific assignment.

Get set to make a triumphant entry into your most anticipated destiny.

If you are a child of God, the end time is not a destiny to be afraid of, but a destiny to rejoice about. For the Lord would distinguish between those that serve him and those that make a mockery of him.

Are you on Jesus side or on Babylon's side, this would define your destiny. 

With Jesus, your destiny is peace, but with Babylon, your destiny is terror.

God's vengeance against the enemies of his kingdom on the earth is gradually gaining momentum. There would be massive shakings, that would level inferior mountains and cleanse the mountain of the lords house.

The house of God is fast becoming the reference point for nations. Isaiah 2:1-3

The season to favour the children of God has finally come.

Good morning and have a wordspired day.

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