Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I have come to discover that the number one cause of emotional trauma is a dysfunctional family foundation. The family unit is clearly under attack by Satan and his agents.

Statistics of human criminality overwhelmingly  indicate that broken homes are a major influence on those who become lawless.

Broken homes are major contributors to drug use, illegal sexual activity, inability to secure gainful employment, jail sentences, and almost every other societal ill imaginable.

No doubt, a family unit's glue is love - first the love between husband and wife, and then the love among the family members.

Without love, family cannot really exist. But what is prevalent today in families is rejection. Many children are victims of rejection, from parents, family members, and even the society.

Rejection by a father (real or perceived) often comes with another severe price tag: it warps the developing sexual identity of a little boy or girl. A boy will tend to seek male approval endlessly, becoming confused and often crossing a sexual line into abnormality. In young girls, the flower of being a woman never opens, and their father's rejection commits them to a path of never needing anything from a man again.

Also studies have shown that most porn stars and strip club dancers were sexually abused by a close male figure when they were young. That is also true for a high percentage of homosexuals. This is tragic, but certainly no reason to validate sexual deviance.

We therefore must breakthrough in prayer and create an umbrella of influence in the spirit for families, especially those of the household of faith.

With the ongoing outpouring from heaven, great grace is available for those who will extend themselves to reach the untouched, those who crave the love of a family.

Be a father or a mother not only to your children, but to those orphans, street kids, less privileges, homeless, fatherless or motherless children littered around you.

Say yes to family today and you would have said partnered with Jesus in establishing peace on the earth.

God save the nations of the earth.

Good morning, and have a wordspired day.

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