Sunday, September 11, 2016

On the way to my high places

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Isaiah 48:21
When you let the lord lead you, it is absolutely to your benefit.
Psalm 23:1
Psalm 119:105
He leads us as it relates to any subject matter that relates to us.
Psalm 29:3
God thunders upon many waters.
Deut 8:18
We are empowered on the platform of his covenant for wealth.
Job 22:21-28
God leads into abundance as you put iniquity far away from you.
Seven keys to financial fortune
1. *Be spiritually guided.*
Daniel 1:8, 6:28
Spirituality is the foundation for walking in financial fortune.
3 John 2
Genesis 24:1
It takes a spiritual man to hear from God.
Isaiah 41:8
Spirituality makes you a friend of God.
2 Timothy 2:19
A crave for spiritual growth and development is needed to walk in financial fortune.
Job 1:1-3
2. *Giving is the anchor of the prosperity covenant.*
You cannot be spiritual and not be a delight some giver.
Job 29:4-18
Liberality is at the root for accessing and sustaining the realms of financial fortune.
Malachi 3:3-4
If you are not a giver, you cannot prosper.
3. *There is need for financial integrity.*
Corruption disconnects you from the realm of financial fortune.
You cannot steal and walk under an open heaven.
Job 2:9
Integrity facilitated the prosperity of job.
Proverbs 28;20
Genesis 14:23
4. *Be committed to be coming a blessing.*
Your level of distribution would determine the level of your blessing.
If you are not a giver, you are not permitted to prosper.
5. *You must be committed to divine guidance.*
6. *Be committed to speaking right.*
Ecc 5:5-6
Suffer not your mouth to make your flesh to sin.
Most of the time, covenant people are careless in the use of their tongue.
What you say determines what you experience.
You are only exempted when you speak right.
Proverbs 18:21
Life and death are in the power of the tongue.
James 1:8
Double mindedness robs us of divine blessings.
Many are simply victims of their tongue.
It is your tongue that allows a release.
Numbers 14:28
What you say is what God delivers to you.
Psalm 91:7
What shall not come is what you cannot declare.
Psalm 33:18-19,
psalm 37:18-19
Not every one in famine feels the effect.
Isaiah 58:11 - 12
With the proper use of your mouth, God grants you prosperity with posterity.
Genesis 47:15 - 19
Genesis 47:27
In the time of famine, God's covenant people had a different experience. Their case is different.
You qualify for an exemption with the proper use of your tongue.
Proverbs 12:14
The returns on your giving is at the mercy of the use of your tongue.
Many are victims of the misuse of their tongue.
Your tongue is a covenant facilitator of your returns.
It is time to learn how to talk.
You can get the devil off your resources by the proper use of your tongue.
It is the word you speak that creates the future you experience.
*Nobody talks poor and mistakenly become rich*
John 6:6-10
Nothing good will finish in your life again.
Luke 21:15
Joshua 1:8
Isaiah 53:4
What you believe may never be a reality until you declare it.
Romans 10:10
Take cover in the covenant. Be spiritually committed to the practice of the covenant.
2 Corinthians 8:2
Walk in integrity and let God guide you all the time.
Do not raise money, raise people, and you will have enough to run ministry.
It is not in the number of people, but in covenant alignment.
7. *Rejoice always*
Refuse to murmur and complain.
Joel 1:12
Malachi 2:2
Be grateful and constantly excited.
Nothing fails in your hands again.
God will never need what you have because all you have came from God in the first place.
Psalm 50:12
_You are too small to sponsor God._
Glory to God. You are free from all financial struggles.
Ministration by: Bishop David Oyedepo. Living Faith Church World Wide.
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