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A thoroughly spiritual man always emerge a wonder.

*Spiritual things are real*
Nothing can be more practical than creation, and it is a product of spirituality.
All we see today came out of a spiritual source.
Spiritual equipment is vital to fulfilling destiny.

*What is Exploit*
It is a striking or notable deeds, feats, spirited or heroic feat.
It is setting the pace, outstanding feats, extraordinary accomplishments, accomplishing things eyes have not seen, nor hear heard....
Exploits is far above success.
_The exploits of creation has its roots in spirituality._
You cannot compare a talented man with a spiritual man.
A spiritual man will always be superior to a talented man.

*What is spirituality*
It is living a life of godliness.
It is living like God in all areas.

1 Tim 4:8

It is delight some pursuit of the godly life style.

Psalam 112:1-3

Spirituality is following scriptural instructions with excitement.

Deut 28:1-13

Spirituality is engaging a robust faith with a pure conscience.
Spirituality is key to fulfilling our glorious destiny in Christ.
Spirituality demands taking responsibility.
A robust spirit is the seat of man's dominion.

It is the man's spirit that carries the virtues of dominion
Sicknesses, disease, lack and want, poverty, nakedness were products of the fall of the spirit man.
What we lost in Adam, we now have access to regain in Jesus - the second Adam.
Man is a three in one personality.

1 Thesis 5:23

1 Core 15:38-39/44

Man's spirit is the *God being* in our human being.

It is risky to remain flesh or dust. For it was said to serpent, dust shall be your food and unto the fallen Adam he said dust are you and unto dust thou shalt return. So to remain dust is an eternal risk.

The first Adam before the fall possessed an excellent spirit. He was an embodiment of surpassing intelligence.

Supernatural intelligence dwells in the realm of the Spirit.

1 Cor 2:9 - 16

The Spirit of God searches all things

Luke 11:49

God's word is the carrier of the wisdom of God.

*Job 28:25-28*

Departing from evil is your gateway to spiritual understanding.
*Every encounter with the word makes wise.*

Daniel 5:11

We are in the era for the manifestations of the wisdom of the gods.
Light has a way of announcing those that carry it.
*The following answers to spirituality.*

Daniel 1:17/21 

Spirtuality powers the following
  • Intellectual things
  • Scientific things
  • Technological things
  • Economic things
  • Political things

Genesis 13:2/He. 26:12

Daniel 2:16-19

A natural man cannot appreciate the things of the spirit.

Romans 8:16

1 Cor 2:16

We possess the mind that created the universe.

Matt 11:19

Wisdom can only be justified of her children.

Two ways to building a robust spirit.

1. Build your spirit man by feeding on the word.
Stop starving your spirit man.
Feed on the word.

2. *Exercise yourself spiritually in prayers, fasting and meditation.*
God won't give you what you are not spiritually qualified for.
Commit to building up your spirit man.
Glory and blessings are in weights and you need spiritual muscles to carry it.
Intellectual sagacity answers to spirituality.

*Men with robust spiritual minds*
*Michael Faraday*
proverbs 8:12

*R G Le  Rotorony*
An ordinary mechanic who was committed to searching light from God's word to emerge an inventor.

*Benjamin Frankline*
A man who thought himself to read and write.
He starved himself to save up to buy books.
He rose to become a great American philosopher.
Every mans star is in himself.

*James clerk Maxwell*
A strong spiritual man who emerged a great scientist. A great physicist of 19th century.
*Notable inventors that were bible believers*

Charles Babbage
Louis pasture
Isaac newton
John henry

*Disciplines by bible believing people*
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy
  • Computer science
  • Electronics
  • Genetics
  • Hydro statics

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