Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Work Hard

Many always miss out on success because that which would bring about success always comes with an overall called work.

As a leader, you must believe in leadership by example. You cannot help others achieve greatness unless you provide a model they need to follow. On a daily basis, you must work hard to be that model.

What has helped me in my quest to becoming a credible leader and successful entrepreneur? I offer four key factors:

Integrity – In business, it is easy to do what’s convenient or results in short – term profits. Integrity means doing what’s right in your heart, even if it means a temporary loss.

Interacting with people who share the same values and principles – You must constantly surround yourself with associates who share your ethics on both a personal and profession al level. Mingle with people you trust their judgment, this would enable you focus on results and allow them the freedom to achieve those results in their own way.

Goal Orientation – For everything you do (Business and personal), always learn to set specific goals and timetables of completion. Then create an action plan to help you achieve those goals. Never leave success to chance – plan for it.

Discipline – A major secret of any success is the discipline to work when you don’t really feel like it. I have a natural habit of working mornings, days and weekends. I tend to despise holidays. I have tackled many projects I didn’t want to do, but that needed to be done. There is no substitute for hard work.

Locating and running with a vision is not a natural habit easily found in people. But those of us who do this know it is not for the name recognition or glory, neither is it for the pride of accomplishment, but for the joy of making things happen for others.

A few steps in owning your own business are a basic lifestyle.

You must believe in what you want. Don’t talk to people who have never owned a business, because they will be negative. Seek information from other business owners. You don’t have to seek out high – profile owners at first; speak to small owners who can relate to your beginning challenges.

You must be willing to work around the clock seven days a week, without vacations, and be willing to put your profits back into the growth of your vision.

Deal with bankers whom you know and who are friendly. A cold reception from a banker can be a turnoff.

Be willing to hire anyone who can help you the most.

Keep good records, write manuals for your employees and keep them updated.

Start small and grow. There will be set backs, some costly, but don’t let them get to you. We all have stories like that and have learned from them. Keep going.

Sign up for everything that can be a learning tool. To know what you don’t need is just as important as to know what you do need.

Everyday people have knowledge they are not even aware of. Listen, always listen and pay attention; you will learn how to make people happy, what to do and what not to do.

As you face a new and exciting career in business, I would like you to pay attention to some few more details. Whatever business venture you choose, I believe the following personal skills will help you on your road to success.


Developing and maintaining integrity is essential to how you operate in business. So often in youth, a person loses self – respect due to a breakdown in the educational system or family unit. You must learn to develop and maintain that respect in order to succeed in both your business and personal life. If integrity is inherent, it will be an integral part of the way you do business – ethically and honestly.


The ability to identity and maintain your vision will be fundamental to your success. You have to know what you want in order to take the steps to get there. Your focus must be unwavering and always in the back of your mind as you make the decisions that are critical to the success of your venture.


Becoming and remaining successful in business takes a great deal of energy. Mental as well as physical energy is necessary for you to keep up with a dynamic environment. A high level of energy is contagious and spreads quickly among those with whom you work. The person who willfully maintains a high level of energy will be successful.


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