Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Have a vision

Having eyes that see is not equal to vision,
It is an active mindset that equals vision.

“If it’s worth having, it’s worth fighting for.’ You fight successfully in the business world by possessing a clear vision, a strong sense of self – identity, limitless dedication, enormous reserves of determination and a positive attitude – key ingredients of most successful leaders. In that regard, one must understand that businesses and people aren’t weeds. They both need nurturing and caring in order to grow. Businesses need leaders with vision; leaders who can dream and inspire others.

One can’t lead without a vision. Visions however aren’t achieved overnight, nor do they develop apart from a relationship with people and ideas.

Every great leader’s success and continued development is firmly rooted in attaining visions, nurturing relationships with people and creating new opportunities.

Business leadership is not developed overnight. A lot goes into attaining complete metamorphoses as a “total leader”. You will constantly be in the process of growing and developing in the areas of:

Fine – tuning your management skills, which allow you nurture others in their pursuit.
Learning to frame challenges and issues, thus separating out the important elements.
Refining listening skills, which allow me to direct your business activities as well as the activities of others.
Developing an internal barometer that helps you gauge the sensitivity level of those you lead.

The most frustrating aspects of your leadership role is that you get so busy that you have difficulty finding time to dream and imagine. One’s vision should be concrete and abstract. You should find time to envision ways you can help the unemployed as you train and place individuals temporarily or permanently.

Your personal abstract visions are often discussed with business associates, even friends and family. As these abstract visions are discussed, you get brought back to reality and concrete visions.

Your concrete visions are those which will allow you to lead as you complete a self – analysis of leadership potential for the future. Contemplate your ability to dream. Consider your ability to always be in the “state of becoming,” for if it’s worth fighting for.


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