Thursday, June 23, 2016


The leaders who have emerged today seem to believe that the primary qualities needed to address our troubled, demanding times are the following: Compelling Vision; academic and intellectual sagacity, dynamic oratory, and other communication skills that have the power to persuade; management expertise; and he ability to control people.

However, time and again, history has shown that the most important quality a true leader should and must possess is the moral force of a noble and stable character. The greatest man that ever walked the face of the earth had this has his backbone.

We have all kinds of skilled people in positions of power, with an ample supply of potential leaders. Yet the leaders who are trying to keep their nations, companies, organizations, and families from sinking are either lacking, or deficient in, that vital element of character.

All across our world, we have seen leaders fall apart, ethically and morally. Many leaders start strong (or appear to) only to end up "crashing and burning".

A number of leaders have operated under a reputation of integrity that was only a facade. While they appeared competent and well-adjusted on the outside, they lacked real substance within.

They were missing the element of moral force, and their ethical poverty eventually became evident.

Those who follow and sang their praises had no idea who these leaders were - until the leaders became enmeshed in scandal due to their reckless conduct, often finding themselves facing legal consequences for unlawful financial practices, theft, extortion, cheating, perjury.....and the like.

Meanwhile, other people in position of power have been hindered by incompetence because they have never learned solid leadership principles and how to implement them.

Others are capable, but they still aren't helping to address the needs of their society because they would rather destroy a corporate competitor or nullify a political opponent than work together with other leaders to address serious problems and find solutions.


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