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What is Reading?
The activity of somebody who reads.
Reading is an activity that should be done all through our life time. Someone rightly said, if you stop reading you start dying.
Reading can be compared to what eating is to the body, because it enlightens your mind, makes you sharp and lively, no wonder Jesus Christ speaking in the book of Matthew…man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of ….this Jesus Christ our Lord putting reading side by side with eating!
An example of this fact was demonstrated in the life of Benjamin Franklin, who during his child hood days use d his feeding money to buy books, while his siblings spent their own money on feeding. That attitude of reading made him great in destiny. He became not just a political leader, but also went to become an inventor to the extent of having a public holiday named after him in the United States of America. Thus making him ‘’Immortal’’. God himself speaking: … ye are gods unto whom the word of God came…” reading can make someone to become as god!
I am not talking of going to school for formal education for getting degrees, after all what’s the use of getting a degree without being able to deliver.
Every man’s destiny is hidden in the pages, if he can search it out. Reading a book is like searching or digging out a treasure from the ground.

Ways of making reading most fruitful:
How do I enhance/ cultivate the habit of reading.
If reading is an activity, it can be cultivated just like running.
i.                    Discipline: this key to cultivating our capacity in reading. It really takes discipline to be reading while you should be watching TV or chatting away your time. If takes more discipline to be reading vigorously as if you are preparing for an exam.
ii.                  Association: for us to develop our capacity in reading we need to keep the right association; people that values reading. No wonder someone said you will be at the same now, except for two things: the books you read and the company you keep.
iii.                Sense of Urgency: you to have a sense of urgency at all times an urgency of catching up with time in knowledge that is required per time. Until you have a sense of urgency of knowledge, you might not amount to much in life.
iv.                 Relevant books: don’t just read any how books. Get books that are a pointer to your direction in life, you will find how interesting it will be to you while reading.
v.                   Make books your friend: always see books as your friend that tells you the truth. See the authors as one that wants to show you a path you have not thread before.
Let’s now look at ways of Access/Acquiring books:
Someone said, the size of your library defines your worth. Books in the house are what windows is to the house!
I.                    By Buying: This is a general way and most common way of access books either within or far from us.
II.                  By Borrowing: some books might not be within your reach, borrowing might just be the best option, if reading the particular book is a must. But remember to remember to return it neater than you collected it.
III.                By downloading from the Internet: instead of wasting time on the net doing unprofitable things, just go ahead and download some articles, and educative biographies, etc.
IV.                 By working in book store: this is one of the best ways of access books of any kind. Working within the space of six months or one year can turn a person to a guru in a particular field.
V.                  Working in print medias: this is also a medium of getting access to the are not readily available for the public but are very useful.
VI.                Going to the Libraries. 
 The importance of reading:
I.                    It Sharpens your mind: every man of knowledge(devoted reader) in an enlightened person. Every man’s level in life in dependent on the capacity of his mind. When you read you sharpened your mind with men of like passions whether they be dead or alive. Every man is a product of his thinking; in the book of Proverbs ….as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.
II.                  It gives you hope: it is reading that gives hope to any man or nation. Any man or nation that does not read will groop in darkness. The bible speaking; “…search the scripture; for in them ye think ye have eternal life…”
III.                It gives you light: every time you open a book light opens up for you concerning what your searching. A house without a book is like a room without windows- H.Mann. reading enlightens your mind, makes you see light everywhere you turn.
IV.                Makes you a leader: every great leader is a leader, people will naturally follow you, it makes you like a god, and people will naturally wants to follow.
V.                  Gives you knowledge: you can have a knowledge of any thing you want to know, the knowledge of God, His favor, blessings, mercies etc. it will make you as god. It should be noted that the bible compares knowledge as what is higher than gold and also the only thing that precious to the soul. Someone rightly said that with reading you can learn anything about every thing and every thing about anything- Tomie De Paolo.
If reading makes great how do I read to be great?
How do I read to be Great:
Reading is an activity just like running is an activity. There is a way you to win the price, so also there is a way read to become great.
I.                    Read with Passion: it is your passion for reading that will help to get the best out of any book you are reading. Let your passion for books equals your passion for food, with this your sure of becoming great with reading.
II.                  Read with thirst for wisdom: have a strong thirst for knowledge and your reading ability will improve.
III.                Read with the mind of being a leader: your approach to any book matters, if approach a book with the mentality of teaching someone else; it will help you to understand the book well. ‘’It is not enough to simply teach children to read; we have to give them something worth reading, something that will stretch their imaginations-something that will help them to make sense to their lives and encourage them to reach out toward people whose lives are different from their own.-Katherine Patterson.

 In conclusion, a reading life is a leading life, lets give our self wholly to reading, because in it lies our glorious destiny.


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