Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Meditation is your ability to retain the knowledge of God’s word. In Joshua 1:8, God commanded Joshua to meditate on the book of the law day and night. It allowing the truths you have discovered find residency in your subconscious. When you catch a word from God, but fail to store it in your sub conscious, your spirit man will starve. What you store in your sub conscious is what the Holy Spirit brings to your remembrance. Meditation is what makes the promises of God that faith attracts to fully the established in your life. Meditation is the life line of faith. Spiritual thoughts are very slippery, but it takes meditation to incubate it unto realization.  This is the reason why you need meditation. Every time you make a faith declaration, you will always qualify for a test. That test is pregnant with testimonies, but requires that you are constantly in tune with divine promises. It takes meditation to retain these promises, which are the answers to the test which qualifies you for testimonies.

They are men of Vision
Vision is the ability to catch a glimpse of heavens assignment for you.  A vision is a discovery of God’s divine plan and purpose for your life. You need a heavenly vision to create an earthly impact. Your future is in locating God’s plan for your life.  When God is the one sending you, the star in you keeps shining. Your stardom is not in your plan but in God’s plan. His plans for you are good, big and excellent. God’s plan for you is all of gold. Men of vision are always envied. The beauty about envy is that, it can be likened to taking poising, expecting someone else to die. Envy, embitters that soul that carries it.
They are men of passion
Men of passion are not always chosen, they volunteer themselves for service. Men of passion always offer themselves. They have within them a divine deposit that motivates them for action. Men with passion are consumed with compassion.  Without a passion, your vision has no future. Every time there is passion, vision naturally enjoys expression. When there is true passion, you enjoy divine energy. African nations have remained poor because they have more importers than visionary. We have more consumers than manufacturers. Only men of passion accomplish great feats. Passion is the engine that powers true vision.
They are men of Sacrifice
It is true that all men die, but not all men get forgotten. The quality of your sacrifice is what determines your actual life span. Stars not only enjoy prosperity, the also enjoy posterity.

Self gives way when you are appropriately stretched. There is sacrifice at the root of every man’s quest for stardom. If you don’t want to be stretched, you don’t want to shine.  The stars in God’s kingdom are no doubt the very last hope of Africa. If these stars fail to rise and shine, Africa is doomed. Don’t look out for stars, become a star. To live for self is to end up a slave. To therefore attain stardom, there is need to develop embrace a lifestyle of sacrifice. Here are the ten keys that unlock the doors to stardom.


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