Tuesday, June 14, 2016

IN PURSUIT OF VISION by Daniel Olukayode J

Do you want to be successful?
This little piece has all you need to emerge as a shinning star. Man is a three component being. He is a spirit, has a soul and lives in a body. Churches treat spiritual diseases, while hospitals treat body diseases, but this book is all out to treat your soul diseases.

 Of the three components of man, the soul is the most complicated. Salvation for instance targets the soul and not the spirit or body. 

The soul has two principal components which are the mind and the heart. The mind has the memory and the imaginative. The memory to cast your mind back to the past and the imaginative helps you paint a picture of the future. The heart which can be likened to being the spirit of the mind comprises of three components which are the will, intellect and emotion. 

With this brief picture, you will agree with me that the soul is highly complicated. This is why this book centers on developing the soul. All the chapters in this book briefly introduce the various components of vision. They discuss the rewards of visionary pursuit. 

Do you want to be successful? Almost everyone would answer “yes” to this question. We dream about it. We think we want success. However we aren’t sure what success is, and we are even less sure that we want to pay the price. 

When it is time to act, we hesitate. When it is time to press forward, we retreat. Our words do not fool anybody. Not even ourselves. All you need is to be in pursuit of vision.


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