Sunday, June 19, 2016

Be imaginative

We all dream. We act out our future in our minds. Our minds invent. They challenge reality. Things that never happened before occur in our dreams. Then we wake up. Judgments are made. Dreams are discarded. Sometimes this is good. Nightmares dissolve in the light of day. Sometimes we lose something precious. Something that we undervalue compared to our fear of failure or ridicule.

Every chapter in this book value dreams. The successful leaders whose success ideals were researched in writing this book create images in their minds – images that have never before been wholly perceived by others.

They use these images like a contractor uses blueprints to build a house. They build. Some would call them resourceful. Others would call them imaginative. They can also be seen as creative. They have the ability to confront and deal with challenges. This ability begins with dreams.

The matter of leadership will be a subject which you will reflect upon throughout your professional career. It is a challenging assignment to express what leadership means in a few words, especially when you have not completed your own conclusions in this regards:

I have tried to reduce this to what I term as the C’s of leadership: Commitment, Creativity, Charisma and character. Let me elaborate:

Commitment. Tenacity, courage, and risk would be terms falling into this category. People do not follow uncommitted leaders. Commitment can be displayed in a full range of matters to include the work hours you choose to maintain, how you work to improve your abilities or what you do for your workers at personal sacrifice.

Creativity. Seeing the future and how to get there in advance of others. Leading must constantly be involved in moving organizations from point A to point B if the organization is to maintain its competitiveness and vibrancy. Leadership minus creativity makes you a manager.

Charisma. Can you laugh? Have fun? Inspire others to enjoy themselves? Get others to follow your direction because they “believe” and not because you’re the “boss”? Are you a “class act”?

Character. What are the most important principles that you live by? Honesty, charity, thoughtfulness, sharing, making a difference. Are you self – examining? How do you react to an unanticipated emergency? As you look back, how have you improved yourself in this regard?

The future that lies ahead for you is filled with countless possibilities. Your challenge is to see them not as specific, structured absolutes, but as untapped possibilities that you, through your unique and special talents, have yet to create. As a leader, to believe in yourself, your dreams and in others is paramount. I know firsthand the power of action inspired by positive belief, learned knowledge and strong values. I offer the following guidelines to you – they have worked for me.

Believe in Possibilities.
Reject Rejection
Never stop learning; then share.
Write down your goals and values each moment of achievements.
Value diversity and strive for balance.

Know that you matter. It is knowing that you matter that will allow you to lead others and truly inspire and make a difference.


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