Friday, June 17, 2016

Be Capable

Capability is a quality, a state of being and a potential. Being capable has to do with both physical and mental abilities. It has to do with the ability to perform at a given time – to do something of value. It is a relative thing, a variable thing, not an absolute. Capability is measured on a sliding scale. There is no permanent goal line that defines capability. There is always something better. The distances each of us must travel to be successful are not the same. The path and the cost of the journey also vary. The word’s “capable,” are full of opportunity if you know where you want to go. They are threatening if you don’t.

Let me share a simple principle for success that would bless your life. It is as follows:

Activity + Attitude + Technique = Success

Here is the reasoning:

Activity – In the act of selling, activity is “how often” you are in front of a prospect. Even if your “sales presentation” or other activity that your work involves is not exceptional, if you have lots of activity, there is a high probability that your results will be above average. It’s called ‘work”.

Attitude – Develop a strong positive attitude. Be enthusiastic about your work, your mission and your company. Enthusiasm is a more important asset than experience. Add enthusiasm to lots of activity and you have a powerful combination for making things happen.

Technique – Decide to be good at what you do. Strive to be the most “effective person” in your department, group or company. If you are in business, learn all you can about your products. Have a carefully prepared, well organized presentation for each prospect you face.

If you want to succeed, here are three ways to get there:

Dare to Dream.
You are going to begin your career at the most exciting period in human history. We are developing new technologies that are going to help people lead better lives all over the world. The leaders are going to be the people who have a vision of the way things could be, and can come up with creative ideas. By living that vision and sharing that sense of excitement with those around you, you’ll find yourself the leader of your team.

Do your best.
To be a winner, you and your team must aim for the highest possible quality in everything you do. You’ll need to listen to your customers – the people you serve. Your team will need to constantly improve the way it does things. You’ll make mistakes, and if you’re a good leader, you’ll learn from your mistakes and keep getting better. A leader is more like a player – coach than a boss. You lead by example, if you do your best, the people on your team will respect you, and they will want to do their best, too.

Never Stop Learning.
I don’t think that you really want to hear this, but you’re never going to get out of school. In an exciting world that changes all the time, your job will keep changing all the time. That means you’ll need to keep learning new skills. The good news is that when you learn on the job, you have more fun. You use what you learn right away. You don’t just learn in a classroom. You learn what your customers tell you. You learn from what the people on your team tell you. And everything you learn makes your job more exciting. A good leader is always curious, always looking for new answers.

In summary, if you are a hard worker with lots of activity, performed with strong positive attitude, along with technique that shows a good knowledge of what you do, your success will be assured.


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