Tuesday, May 10, 2016

RISE BY REVELATION TO A NEW DIMENSION PART 2 - Enemies of a rising potential

Your ability is your responsibility. Actually, responsibility is ability to respond positively to your given potential. Potential is what you have been wired to do. Potential is who you really are, but yet to manifest. Potential is latent ability. Potential is yet to be released ability. Potential is manifestation that is pending. Potential is what you have that you are yet to release. It however takes revelation to access the hidden realms of your potentials.

Apostle Paul said, "a great and effectual door has been opened unto me, but there are many adversaries" 1 Corinthians 16:9. Our potential is a great and effectual door that leads to new dimensions of progress, advancement and elevations, but on its paths are enemies to conquer.

Here are some of those enemies that must be leveled if we must rise to a new dimension.

1. Disobedience. At the very core of under achievement in life is disobedience. Only those who obey commands end up as commanders. When you obey rules, you end up a ruler. To obey instruction is to emerge an instructor.

2. Sin - Satanic Infested Nature

3. Fear - False Evidences Appearing Real. It is dwelling on what can go wrong instead of what will work out fine. He who fears to try will never know what it means to enjoy the joy of success.

4. Discouragement. This is the cause of failure at the very edge of success.

5. Procrastination. This is wanting to do tomorrow what you have all it takes to accomplish today. It eats away at the very core of our time and motivation.

6. Past Failures. Too often we are unwilling to take risks in the present because of the failures we encountered in the past. Shake off the dust and try again. You are not a failure until you call it quit.

7. The opinions of others. Satan uses those close to us, whose opinions we value to get at our potentials.

8. Distractions. Distraction is no doubt a compass that points in the direction of an aborted potential.

9. Success. Not knowing how to manage success can lead to the paralysis of potential. Success is not success until it is built upon. Today's success is the foundation for tomorrow's success.

10. Tradition. Learn to move on, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching out for greater opportunities. Where you are is good, but where you can be is far better.


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