Sunday, June 11, 2017


I am redeemed to operate in the Supernatural as I come to visions and Revelations. Isaiah 8:18, 2 Corinthians 12:1-21

God is launching you into that realm of healing, health and wholeness.


Exodus 7:1- Ability to see what God has made us is key to unlocking the supernatural. Amos 2:1, Isaiah 2:1-2

What you see is what you are empowers to command. John 3:8

You are redeemed a sign to your world.

A proven new birth experience is a vital requirement to flow in the supernatural.

New birth experience with proofs is what establishes your supernatural status.

3 vital keys for walking in the supernatural.

1. Commitment to developing our faith. Your faith is key to functioning in the supernatural realm. Deut 26:4, Isaiah 53:1 It take faith to secure the hand of God that provokes the superntural in our lives. Faith has unlimited capacity for growth. John 14:12 When your faith is built, you have it the way you want it.

2. Be committed to engaging biblical mentality. You need to possess the far above mentality. The far above mentality should be your way of life. Proverbs 23:7 Every believer is seated far above every foul spirit of the devil. The devil is after you because you are always running away from it. It is time to run after those forces against. Epheisnas 1:20-21 We are seated in heavenly places. Isaiah 55:9-10

3. A commitment to serving God and the interest of his kingdom. Daniels 6:20-21 Serving God makes you a wonder to your world. Mark 16:20 Been on the go for Jesus, empowers us to flow in the supernatural.

The supernatural is the open rewards of servants of the most high God. Serving the lord, brings you into partnership with Jesus. It takes partnership to function in the supernatural.

You don't run out of miracles walking with Jesus. John 3:2, Acts 10:38

Our partnership makes us operate in the supernatural naturally. You are not redeemed a prayer project, but redeemed a solution provided.

This mentality is what builds your capacity to walk in the supernatural. When you are busy for Jesus, he becomes busy for you.

The superntural is real, but your positioning is what is questionable. Every kingdom prone desire is as valid as a prophetic verdicts.

Your level of command is a function of your commitment to kingdom service. How do I command the instant healing of Christ?

God cannot afford to see his children sick for a moment. Matthew 8:3, matthew 20:34, mark 2:12, Luke 8:44 All these scriptures point to the instant healing ministry of Jesus. Matthew 10:1, Luke 9:6, Matthew 4:23, Matthew 8:16, Matthew 12:15-16

Jesus is the only know physician of all forms of sicknesses. He is the only physician that admits the dead to his clinic.

The dead received resurrection pills in his clinic. John 5:25

He is able to restore or replace anykind of deformity or incurable diseases. Why does Jesus heal instantly? Matthew 8:17

The price of our infirmity has been paid. Isaiah 40:1, john 5:22, Matthew 28:18 2.

Every affliction against your life and my life are the works of darkness.

3. It his compassion that moves him to heal us. Lamentations 3:22, Matthew 14:14

His compassion fails not. Medical science does not have a solution to the spirit of infirmity. Luke 13:11

Most oppression of the devil has solution on in Christ Jesus.

Most oppression are not physiological, rather they are largely spiritual. Jesus is the final bus stop when it comes to the oppressions of the devil.

Matt 15:26 - healing is children's bread.

You are programmed for supernatural healing now in Jesus name.

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