Sunday, February 26, 2017


ENGAGING REVELATION FOR MIRACLE JOBS Bishop David Oyedepo New birth is what guarantees supernatural exemption. Gross darkness would affect the world, but it would enhance the fortunes of the redeemed. John 8:12 The light of scriptures is what creates a bail out for the redeemed. The redeemed are not permitted to stumble. All we need is a crave for brighter light. John 8:36 By the operation of brighter light, many redeemed job seekers become job creators. Revelation is what shows the way to go, the steps to take and the turn to make. Isaiah 48:22 When you are guided by the dictates of scriptures you can never be trapped. Anyone not having daily productive engagement needs a miracle job. A miracle job is for the daily productive engagement of the redeemed. Matt 8:17 It takes blindness to see what Jesus has already taken. There is need to catch a revelation of your exemption, so you won't say what they say, so you do not experience what they experience. Matt 20:1- Jesus hates people doing nothing. His will is for people to be productively engaged. God hates idleness. "Today marks the end of doing nothing in your life." Whatever your hand finds to do before your find what you really want to do, do whatever you have now with all your might. Doing nothing is anti covenant. Genesis 21:16 - 19 There is a well of water right where you are. "May the lord open your eyes to see the all of water right there where you are." "From this service, God would be opening your eyes to see the amazing opportunities all around you." 1 Timothy 5:8, Acts 1:1, 2 thess 3:10 God is obligated to provide for his household. Before you find what you are looking for, do diligently that thing your hand finds to do. "God would visit you with divine insight." "You will never be stranded again in your life" 2 thesis 3:10 If you do not work, you must not eat. Whatever your hand find to do, do with all your heart. "May you find that which would get you fully engaged." Matthew 6:31-33 what to eat and drink comes from what you are doing. You are not permitted to lack anything with service to God. "Before march is over, God would have started decorating your destiny." "May you see the well of water around you". Psalm 34:10 You shall not want any good thing. Psalm 37:25 The redeemed cannot be forsaken nor reduced to a begger. Isaiah 3:10 The redeemed shall eat of the fruit of their doings. Psalm 102:13-15 " Every form of joblessness is over today". "Every form of pressure, on what to eat and drink is over in Jesus name." God hates his people doing nothing. "Before next Sunday, some people are discovering their wells of water" Isaiah 14:24 Get to the vineyard and work. When God engages you, no employer would be able to reject you. "Many job seekers would become employers of labour this year." CCYIGLOBAL inspiring minds ....igniting spirits 08035690386 (Whatsapp) MIRACLE JOB BANQUET By Bishop David Oyedepo For Churches who desire a website Get one with just N15,000 pls call 08093100803

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