Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Rise of the Fire Brand

God needs fire branded, holy, radical men and women in this generation, committed to strangling every trace of false religious practices.

Practicing a gospel without power produces a very Inferior brand of Christianity whose followers look more like lovers of pleasure than lovers of God.

The purpose of embracing a spirit centric gospel is to produce passionate lovers of God.

It is however difficult to be passionate about a God who no longer talks, heals, delivers, or manifests in some capacity.

The alternative to life in the Holy Spirit is described in 2 Timothy 3:1-5

When the Holy Spirit comes in power, His manifestation don't feel religious - but they do bring a dimension of heaven to Earth.

For instance, the first coming of the Holy Spirit came with a mighty rushing wind, a sound from heaven, tongues of fire, and an outbreak of "utterance".

It was loud, visual, and very active.

The reason Satan and his agents fights us so strenuously on the subject of the Holy Spirit is that the Spirit allows us to be all that the father desires us to be.

He is our teacher John 14:25

He is our prophet John 16:13

He is our empowerer Acts 1

The flip side of that is that without Him (The Holy Spirit), we will no know things we should, we will no know things that are to come, and we will no have power.

He is the one who brings us the presence, the power, and the passion of God.

Without Him, our worship of God is for the most part dead - even with right doctrines on God and Jesus.

There is a shaken and thundering in a spirit realm that would usher in an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the kind that was witnessed almost a hundred and ten years ago at the Azusa street revival of 1906.

Men and women with the fire anointing are gradually taking the center stage. Men and women like horses are been released for kingdom exploits. The power of God is sweeping through the earth. The elohim are taking their place on the mountain of the lords house.

The harvest of the world has already started.

If you are in sango ota, Ogun State, Nigeria or its environs, you can worship with us at the Palace of Creativity aka Elohim Christian Center and experience more explosive revelations from Gods word, time is 4 - 6pm @ plot 5 iwalewa street off Odunlami Close Ali Isiba sango ota, Ogun state. 08093100803

Good morning, and have a wordspired Sunday.

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