Sunday, July 17, 2016

Soul Dunamis

In the same way man is a three in one being, so is the soul of man. The soul has three compartments namely the mind, intellect and emotions.

In your quest to discover your career early in life, you need to understand the workings of the various compartments of the soul.

The Mind

The mind is the factory that produces pictures that influences the vision of man. What you see is what you believe.

The mind is the eyes of your spirit man.

The mind has two primary functions: It recalls and stores (memory) and it pre plays (Imagination).

The mind can replay or recall the past and as well can pre play the future. This is the most powerful part of the soul.

The human mind is divided into two parts, the sub conscious and the conscious.

The Sub Conscious Mind

The sub conscious is the mind of the spirit. When you receive the Holy Ghost baptism, the Holy Spirit becomes residence in your sub conscious. In a bid to express itself since it is a talking spirit, you mutter words directly from the sub conscious without the due process of the conscious mind. This is speaking in tongues.

The same way your conscious mind is edified by the words you speak, the sub conscious is built up by the words spoken by the Holy Spirit. Jude 20.

The stronger the sub conscious, the more fruitful the conscious mind.

Whatever comes out of the sub conscious is what you have been ordained by God to pursue in life. 

·         Your assignment is hidden in your sub conscious mind. 
·         Your place in destiny is hidden in your sub conscious mind. 
·         Your sub conscious mind is the deep wherein your unlimited breakthroughs are hidden.


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