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We are either the masters or the victims of our attitudes.

Who we are today is the result of choices made yesterday.

Tomorrow, we will become what we are deciding right now.

Attitude is not a function of what we see, rather it is how we see what we see.

Our greatest challenges are all rooted in our attitude.

Our attitude to work, people and challenges.

LUKE 10:26 (AMP)

Jesus said to him, “What is written in the Law? How do you read it?”

To ensure that we remain on the right track, there is need to constantly evaluate our present attitudes:


Test and evaluate yourselves to see whether you are in the faith and living your lives as [committed] believers. Examine yourselves [not me]! Or do you not recognize this about yourselves [by an ongoing experience] that Jesus Christ is in you--unless indeed you fail the test and are rejected as counterfeit?

Stages of Evaluation

1. IDENTIFY PROBLEM FEELINGS [What attitudes make you feel the most negative abo…


Don't let your word trip you. Negative words destroys your defence. You might feel fear, but ensure that your mouth speaks faith. When you face challenges, ensure to prophesy your desirable future. Prophesy victory over your life. Don't talk about mountains, speak to them. Prophesy what you are believing for. Prophesy to all the dry bones in your life and see a sudden transformation. Prophesy the written to change what is happening. Something happens when we decree. Your words soon become your reality. Don't trap yourself with your words. Release yourself by your words. When your words go right, your life heads in the right direction. Have a wordspired and highly fulfilled day. Pst Jacob K-DanielsFollow us on twitter


Life is not a sprint, it is a Marathon. May you receive the patience of giants. Life is an adventure in phases. It is by little and by little....Life is in phases and men are in sizes.Every heavy weight was once a lighter weight. Every revelation points to a future, while walking in the reality of that revelation is what creates a future. It is one thing for the word to enter you, while it is another thing for you to dive into the word. The future of every believer is hidden in the mystery of Matthew 6:33Spiritual stewardship pays the most. Salvation of souls is Gods greatest interest on the earth. Luke 14:23God wants all men saved. John 1:41-46, Gal 3:13, 2 Cor 4:4You are not wasting your time serving the lord, you are investing into your future. The future behind your engagement is unlimited. It is well-done that wins the prize and not well said. Luke 19:13, James 2:26Get on the action track. Start taking steps. Have a wonder filled day in Jesus name.


SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGH BANQUETGATEWAY TO SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGHS Part 2 Bishop David OyedepoIsaiah 34:16 - Every inheritance requires a scriptural mate to deliver. Prayers requires faith to deliver answers. Without the mate of faith, prayers would remain impotent. Mark 16:16 Salvation requires baptism to deliver. Giving requires love in the heart for it to deliver. 1 Cor 13:3, 2 Cor 13:1, Hosea 4:6Our inheritance of supernatural breakthrough would demand both spiritual and practical demands. Joshua 1:8, Matt 6:22Only focused people get first rate results. You cannot be trusted beyond your rated capacity. You need training to build capacity. Matt 25:15 God cannot commit to you beyond your developed capacity. THE FORCE OF DIVINE DIRECTION. It I'd divine direction that leads people to greatness. Genesis 12:1-3Not all open doors are Gods doors, many are traps in disguise. Genesis 22:2, 17 Divine direction is a product of prompt obedience. Allowing God to lead you ensures that go…

Wordspirations for September

The devil smiles when we make plans
He Laughs when we get too busy
But he trembles when we pray

Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; Tell God your needs and don's forget to thank him for His answers. If you do this, you will experience God's peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand.

The strongest action that you can take in any situation is to go on your knees and ask God for help.

The highest purpose of faith or prayer is not to change circumstances but to change me.

Pray to do the will of God in every situation - nothing else is worth praying for.

Prayer may not change all things for you, but it sure changes you for all things.

Prayer is the stop that keeps you going. if God is your father, please call home.

culled from
The impossible is possible
John Mason


Operation must pray, bring them and nurture them. Prophetic Focus for September: SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGH IS MY BIRTHRIGHT. "My God is awesome, he can move mountains." It is understanding that commands outstanding results. Ministering: Bishop David Oyedepo Deut 28:1 - The great commandment of the lord for supernatural direction leading to supernatural lifting. There is a place for all on top if they are interested. It is doing what God says that makes us change levels. Pride destroys potentials. It takes meekness to learn. Yes lord to whatever God says is what creates a future. Attending church but doing only what you want to do, disregarding what God says is what brings about limitations. GATEWAYS TO SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGHS. PART 1
Proverbs 4:18 We are programmed for continuous progress. Isaiah 34:16 There are two ways to access Gods will: 1. By the spiritual 2. By the practical. Genesis 1:28 Every scripture requires a mate to produce. It takes prayer and faith to have…


18. Do consider from this day forward, from the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month; from the day when the temple of the Lord was founded, consider:
19 Is the seed still in the barn? As to the vine, the fig tree, the pomegranate, and the olive tree--they have not produced. Yet from this day on I will bless you [in the harvest of your crops].’” HAGGAI 2:18-19

20 And again the word of the Lord came to Haggai on the twenty-fourth day of the month (Dec 18, 520 b.c.), saying,
21 “Speak to Zerubbabel serves as the representative of the Davidic monarchy and covenant and in direct line of the ancestry of Jesus Christ.Zerubbabel governor of Judah, saying, ‘I am going to shake the heavens and the earth.
22 ~‘I will [in the distant future] overthrow the thrones of kingdoms and destroy the power of the kingdoms of the [ungodly] nations; and I will overthrow the chariots and those who ride in them, and the horses and their riders will…


PROPHETIC FRUIT FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER 2017. We bless God for confirming his word unto us in the month of August - our month of NEW THINGS. The sound of his majesty has located us again for the month of September. What then is the lord saying? Prayer and fasting delivers maximally through expectation. Prayer without expectation is prayer in frustration. It is wisdom to believe God for whatever we desire. Faith is at the root of all answered prayers. You are either praying with expectation or be morning your situation. What you do not expect, you are not permitted to experience. Your expectation is what defines the end of your challenges. When faith is not NOW, it degenerates to HOPE. The ninth month shall be a month of prayer and supplication towards bringing down every form of invisible and visible barriers that might be creating any form of limitations. It is time to spread our wings and rise above all kinds of limiting circumstances. In the month of September, we …