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We bless God for his wonders the first five months of this year. No doubt, it has been awesome and we are excited for his awesome doings. God never leaves us without a point of celebration. He daily loads us with joyful illuminations. He enlightens our heart with the word. We are glad to step into the sixth month - the first half of the midst of the year 2017. The lords voice to us is that the month of June shall be a month of VISIONS AND REVELATIONS. 2 Corinthians 12:1-21 EXPECRATIONS: 1. It shall be a month of lights 2. A month of unique insight 3. A month of word expectations 4. A month of uncovering treasures 5. A month of diverse manifestations. 6. A month of angelic visitations 7. A month of fulfilment of dreams 8. A month of birthing new visions 9. A month of uncommon celebrations. DELIVERABLES 1. Supernatural delivery 2. Supernatural Provisions 3. Supernatural Open Doors 4. Supernatural word encounters 5. Diverse encounters with favour 6. Unique Opportunities 7. Supe…


God does not reward position, he rewards contribution. God does not reward status, he rewards service. God does not reward age, he rewards obedience. God does not owe any man anything. Nothing you do or does not do affect who God is. There is not accusation against God that matters to God. There is no substitute for obedience. You are no longer eligible for promotion, when you are no longer in service. If you won't obey God nothing would change. Nothing commits God to an individual like obedience. Sworn blessing is the reward of the obedient. No prayer can be a substitute for obedience. God takes over the battles of the obedient. UNDERSTANDING THE UNLIMITED POWER OF FAITH. Part 3
Dr. David Oyedepo Faith is an asset of inestimable value. Faith puts you in command of all the issues of life. All things answers to faith. Faith is the gateway to all we can ever desire. Faith will never build itself. Muscles won't develop itself, you need to consciously build it via spiritual and p…


Child Education; a top priority What goes into the mind, comes out in a life. Education is to build up via cordinated instruction. To persuade or condition someone to feel or act in a particular way. It is simply a programming process. Proverbs 4:20-23 Out of your heart flows the issues of life. Every serious government pays close attention to child education. 1 Corinthians 2:9 What goes into the heart always goes into autopilot. Until the picture of limitation you carry is shattered, you cannot carry the picture of unlimited possibilities that God wants for you. The goal of education is intelligence and character. Education is all about creating solutions. Give your children the best education that YOU can afford. Shape what your children see and hear. Put instructions where your children can see what you are saying. Give your children dreams and visions of the future. Put pictures of the future on the walls of your house for your children to catch a gl…


THE LAW OF PREDOMINANT THOUGHTS. What stays on your mind is what shows up in your life. Your predominant thought is your reality. Proverbs 13:23 Poverty makes you loose sight of potential making you think you have nothing. There is always something in your hand that can birth your future. It is recognizing what you have the kick starts your dream. The people in your life are the network to your future. Everything you need for your dream to come to pass is already in you in potential form. All that God gives to man is the potential of what man desires. 2 Kings 4:1-7 How to generate business ideas. 1. Add packaging to an existing product. 2. Make an existing product and make it better. 3. Create product the suppliment an existing product. Mark 4:26-30 Exodus 23:28-30 God does not desire you to become an overnight success without personal engagement, offering superior value. Your need the mindset of providing superior value. God first builds into you the …


ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY - HOW TO WIN Psalm 119:130 SOURCES OF COMPETITIVE STRATEGY - COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE COST and DIFFERENTIATION Cost leadership (broad or narrow) Differentiation (broad or narrow) Cost Economics of scale Preferred access to raw material. Propritory technology(home grown) Differentiation (USP) Unique Selling Proposition How do your set yourself apart. This differentiates you from other people. What is it that is unique to you alone. USP
1. What your brand does well 2. What your consumer wants 3. What your competitor does well Sometimes, you need to restrategize. DIFFERENTIATION - FAB FEATURES AND BENEFITS 1. What is driving your message. 2. Do a SWOT analysis to effectively define your capabilities. - Know what your strength is. - know your weakness - know what opportunities are available to you. - know what threatens your ability to achieve your goals. 3. DEVELOP A PERSONAL DEVELOPMNT PLAN 4. EXECUTE 5. REVIEW HOW DO YOU WIN Do an environmental scan. Numbe…


UNDERSTANDING THE DEMANDS FOR BUILDING OUR FAITH. 2 Corinthians 4:4 Ephesians 4:13 Matthew 8:29 Luke 4:34 When we grow in faith, we get to the realm of tormenting and destroying the devil. Growing our faith is no cheap talk, it is hard work. Luke 22:31-32 Your faith is your spiritual heart. If it fails, you are finished. You can't build your faith is you are a layby Christian. Ephesians 6:16 Build your faith, so that it is not quenched. Building faith is a task indeed. It takes revelation to build our faith. Isaiah 58:6-8 It takes prayers and fasting to access faith building tools. Matt 17:21 Whatever comes by light stays forever. Don't eat away your destiny. There is need for adequate investment in prayers and fasting. Isaiah 2:1-2 There is nothing you see in the book that would not be delivered. Genesis 13:14-15 Exodus 7:1, 10:3 1 Corinthians 8:9 Fasting and prayer are vital covenant keys for accessing revelation. Isaiah 51:1-3 You are absolutely responsible for the outcomes…

Idahosa and Oyedepo

1. David Oyedepo was born in September.2. Benson Idahosa was born to a non-christian father.
2. David Oyedepo was born to a non-christian father. 3.Benson Idahosa's mother was once driven out of her matrimonial home.
3. David Oyedepo's mother was once driven out of her matrimonial home.4. Benson Idahosa's mother had children who died as babies.
4. David Oyedepo's mother had children who died as babies.5. Benson Idahosa was sickly as a child.
5. David Oyedepo was sickly as a child.6. Benson Idahosa's grandmother sent him to school.
6. David Oyedepo's grandmother sent him to school.7. Benson Idahosa attended an Anglican primary school.
7. David Oyedepo attended an Anglican primary school.8. Benson Idahosa got born again in the 1960s (1960)
8. David Oyedepo got born again in the 1960s (1969)9. Benson Idahosa bought his fir…

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Topic: The Receiving Grace John 1:11-12 What makes you a son of God is receiving. Everything in the kingdom is all about receiving and not an achievement. You need the mindset of a receiver. Pride destroys the receiving grace. Nothing makes great like the receiving grace. A self made personality is a dangerous person. Great men receive by grace. You need grace to stand out and become significant. Luke 19:1-5 You need a heart that wants to receive and not to achieve. People are made significant, not because they earned it, but they received it. Whan you enter into a Resturant where all things have been paid for, you enter and eat with thanksgiving. Ephesians 3:20 When you know how much you are loved, you will freely receive. You need to be rooted and grounded in love. Faith in the word is actually faith in the love of God. Sit first and feed first from what God serves you in love. Your service to God should come from an overflow of what you received at his feet. When you allow God feed…

The Unlimited Power of faith with Bishop David Oyedepo

UNDERSTANDING THE UNLIMITED POWER OF FAITH PART 2 Bishop David Oyedepo Faith puts you in the very class of God. Faith elevates you to the realm of the divine. Faith is a creative force. It creates solutions to our bugging issues. Hebrews 11:3 Matt 9:29 Everyones destiny is limited by faith. The stronger our faith, the stronger our destiny. Faith is sharing responsibility with God in the light of scriptures to see your desires delivered. James 2:19 For faith to deliver, there is always what you must do. Any faith that seeks to make God absolutely responsible for the event of your life is an irresponsible faith. Luke 5:4 2. Faith is an ever conquering force. Ephesians 6:16 Daniels 3:18-28 3. Faith is the law of the spirit that has capacity to suspend all the laws of nature. Faith is not a dormant force, rather it is violent force. Luke 8:40-48 Mark 2:5 - 11 Matt 11:12 The enemy is not a gentleman, you need a level of "divine rascality" to dislodge t…


Don't be left out!

Faith for doing the impossible

Romans 8:28-30 We are predestined for glory. We are programmed for a glorious future. 2 Peter 1:3 We are custom designed for an excellent life. 1 Peter 2:9 We are called to show forth the praises of him that called us out of a frustrated life into a favour loaded life. John 11:40 We are called unto a life of glory and excellence. Faith is the glory denominator. Faith is displaying confidence in God, until the desired result or outcome is obtained. Hebrews 10:35-36 It takes faith to magnetize your expectation. Confidence and patience is what equals faith. Faith is the show of confidence in the face of opposing forces. Hebrews 11:5-6 Faith is a spiritual force that establishes active partnership with the invisible making us commanders of the impossible. Hebrews 11: 24 - 27 It takes faith to walk with the invisible. It takes faith to disregard the pleasures of sin, which is but for a season. Faith is a spiritual engraftment of humanity into divinity. Romans 11:19-23 Faith brings you into…


*MASTURBATION AND ITS EFFECT*VIRGINS AND MASTURBATIONSexual urge for virgins is strong. What makes it stronger is the novelty, newness, the mystery and the hear says about sex. Masturbation is fondling your genitals consistently to achieve orgasm. Ladies may stroke their clitoris while guys rub, massage or caress their penis.I decided to give explicit explanation because some ask me what masturbation is. Some ladies especiallly non-virgins use candles, banana, small bottles, sticks, dildos or whatever represents a penis and do solo sex (having sex by yourself).From teenage upward, you will have a strong desire for sex. It's a sure sign you are normal and capable of having and enjoying sex in marriage. In your 20s it will be stronger and intense! You may wake up feeling horny for no single reason in the world or go hot on spotting a curvy lady! You may start noticing shapes and curves and you have to shake your head several times to keep the image off. You may get worked up on watc…


Celebrating Mothers Day! The woman of faith Proverbs 31:10-31 Faith takes from God, however it never takes no for an answer. It is one thing for God to give, but another thing for man to take it. Faith is needed to take it. To take by faith, we need to pray in the holy ghost. We must pray without season. In every place, pray without season. Open your mouth in the Holly ghost. A woman of faith opens her mouth with wisdom. It takes a woman of wisdom for a man to become wealthy. Woman of faith do not sit idle when the husband is making a blunder. Woman of faith passes on godly virtues to her children and childrens children. Genesis 18:18-19 Faith never speaks what is happening, rather it says to change things happening. What you are saying possess power to transform things. 2 Timothy 1:5 The faith in timothy originated from the grand mother. Titus 2:3-5 Woman of faith communicate good values and character. Women of faith pass on godly living to the next generation. Women of faith mainta…


Covenant Day of All round Rest Bishop David Oyedepo UNDERSTANDING THE UNLIMITED POWER OF FAITH PART 1 Faith is one of the principal mystery of the kingdom 1 timothy 3:9 A mystery is a divine mystery embedded within the stories of scriptures. Mark 9:23, Daniel 6:23, Daniel 3:28, Hebrews 11:11-31 Faith is key to everything in Gods kingdom. Matt 9:29, Hab 2:4 It is to everyone according to their faith. Faith is not just a belief system. What is faith? 1. Faith is putting Gods word to work - believing. Luke 5:5-7, James 2:18, James 2:26 2. Faith is knowing Gods will as contained in his word, and going in his revealed ways. Psalm 103:7, john 2:5 3. Faith is obeying God to prove that you believe him, thereby committing him to fulfil his promise. John 9:7, John 21:6 Any faith that seeks to make God absolutely responsible for the outcome of our lives is an irrespomsible faith. John 6:39 Obedience is the only valid proof of faith. 4. Faith is engaging with the trut…


By Pst. Olukayode Daniel
Delivered at the RCCG In his glory Parish idiroko bus stop
Maryland Lagos on Sunday 30th April 2017

We are custom built for influence.
We are custom built to affect the lives of other people.
We are custom built to give form to the earth.
God created heaven and earth but was without form, it was void and darkness covered the earth. Genesis 1:1

The movement of the Spirit coupled with the voice of El-Elyon (most high God) is what gives birth of creativity – creative-manifestation. Genesis 1:3 God gave light and filled the earth with treasures but needed a manager to oversee all he had invested on the earth. Genesis 2:5-7
He needed a leader on earth to give it form. Genesis 1:26-27
Sin gave control to the devil; which made him the manager and leader of earth for 42 generations – these are three trimesters.

The Spirit of El Elyon moved upon a formless, dark and empty earth for 42 generations in readiness for an entry into the kingdo…

El Elyon A revelation of the Elohim in you


Dealing with Character issues as a Christian. Part 1 by Pst Kayode Daniels

Can people look at us and exclaim, "He or she must be a Christian".? Today, people talk more about things they ought to be first.

The make noise about prayer, fasting, giving, helping people, tithing, love for others, respect and honour but rarely would you find them doing any of these things with a pure heart.

We claim to love but our actions says other wise. A woman claims to love her husband, but never shows him respect.

Jesus told us to go into our closet and make prayers to the father if we must get answers. But what do we see today, people shouting, " I want to go and pray", they even go as far as judging the prayer life of others.

Some people go to church, and when it is time to take the communion for instance, they claim that the person with the tray is not pure, or a sinner.

The question I ask such people who say these things is that, "what did you go there to see or do"? Are you looking for God or for the sins of men?

Another flaw in the body of …


Romans 8:28-30

We are predestined for glory.
We are programmed for a glorious future.

2 Peter 1:3

We are custom designed for an excellent life.

1 Peter 2:9

We are called to show forth the praises of him that called us out of a frustrated life into a favour loaded life.

John 11:40

We are called unto a life of glory and excellence.

Faith is the glory denominator.

Faith is displaying confidence in God, until the desired result or outcome is obtained.

Hebrews 10:35-36

It takes faith to magnetize your expectation.

Confidence and patience is what equals faith.

Faith is the show of confidence in the face of opposing forces.